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Hybrid Tablets And Ultrabooks

4 Beautiful Hybrid Tablets And Ultrabooks You Maybe Have Not Seen

I decided to make a small collection of some really innovative and beautiful hybrid devices, which maybe most of us have never seen, but still they could be really useful to a lot of people.

The Acer Aspire R7

Acer Aspire R7Though maybe a bit strange, the Acer Aspire R7 introduces a new way of using the hybrid tablets and ultrabooks. With some really good technical specifications and a beautiful design, this hybrid is maybe worth more than it seems to be. Why? With extras like an HDMI port, card read, super fast Intel Core i5/i7 CPU and SSD, this device is obviously worth it!

Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro

Lenovo Yoga 3 ProDo you think I would miss a hybrid ultrabook, that is even thinner than the new MacBook? Of course, no! This device is obviously worth it and in this review about the Yoga 3 Pro, Tony is explaining us why this device is really awesome. I personally think that this device is one of the best for its kind and comparable to devices like the Surface Pro tablets, but still is in a much different category.

Toshiba U920T

Toshiba U920TThough maybe not one of the most successful players in this market, I must admit that Toshiba has brought some innovation here. I really like it when people bring new stuff on the market and do not repeat their technology, because wanting more money for the same thing but with more marketing, does not make any sense, I just hate it. Toshiba has deserved it’s place here and I would like to say that the technical specifications of this hybrid ultrabook are not bad at all.


Dell XPS Duo

Dell XPS DuoA regular laptop with the size and possibilities of a tablet, this is the Dell XPS Duo. The design is handsome and in some cases really useful, the size of a 12″ puts it in the category of big tablets, rather than the small ultrabooks, but still the technical specifications of this device can make it compete with some other ultrabooks as well. The only disadvantage here is the weight, well that’s understandable, making new stuff, we cannot have everything we want.

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