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5 Android Gadgets for your smartphone

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I decided to show you some really cool android gadgets for smartphones that I have found and I am sure that you will like as well. Most of them are just for fun but they can be used to increase productivity as well.

Hi-Call Gloves

Hi-Call Gloves

These are not just ordinary gloves, but allowing you to make calls much easier, though to some it may look really strange. There is also a leather mother which is a bit more expensive, but still the price is not that super high. They are not only for calls, they can be also used as touchscreen gloves.

These bluetooth gloves may be really handy in the cold winter, though this would look strange, but still really useful.

Ollie & Sphero – Let the game begin

Ollie & Sphero Gadgets

These two are really cool, bluetooth gadgets that are controlled by apps and can be used to play together. Ollie is a small bluetooth gadget that has grip drifting wheels which allows you to control it via android app with bluetooth. The same is valid for Sphero, with the difference it is a round  ball. This makes fun and is really good to play this in team, that’s why it would be my best choice for entertainment android gadget.


Lockitron Gadget

Though maybe the name does not sound that good, this gadget is actually really useful – it allows you to open your door with your smartphone. It has some extras like knowing who knocked on your door and similar stuff. The thing is that it’s security is based on software and from personal experience we all know that software may not be that secure at all. Still this gadget is available for android and iOS and it is not overpriced as well. Big disadvantage here – on battery, but still the idea is really great and I think it could be realised even better.

Pebble Watch

Pebble Watch

Pebble watch has its advantages comparing to many other smart watches – battery and design for example, but let’s take a look at it as a gadget for your smartphone. It might be really handy and useful, having a watch telling you the time and some other information if you want to.The pebble watch is in this list not because it is the best android watch, but because it suits better the category for android gadgets, though it works with iOS as well.

Samsung Gear Fit

Samsung Gear Fit

If you are an owner of a Samsung smartphone, here is some good news for you – Samsung has the Gear Fit, a really good fitness accessory watch that provides with lots of useful information during your training. The bad thing is that it only works only for Samsung smartphones, but I hope alternatives come out soon. Still it is an accessory and a great looking wearable that has its disadvantages, but if you are into fitness and you are looking for a gadget for your Samsung smartphone – this is it!

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