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Notebooks for the ultimate gaming

5 Notebooks for the ultimate gaming

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Notebook gaming is not something new, it is a growing tendency and I think we already know that. Asus, MSI and maybe Acer are main competitors in the battle of the notebook gaming. There are some other participants, like the Alienware and Razer Blade models, but the notebook gaming is currently ruled by two notebook manufacturers – MSI and Asus.

Why? Both of them have a lot of gaming notebook models, Asus has the Republic of Gamers, MSI has the G gaming series. Both of them also organize a lot of gaming events, competing who will attract more gamers and buyers.

I decided to write this article and show you 5 ultimate notebooks for power gaming, so if you are a gamer, you may be interested in what’s following. The price is not going to be a factor at all, just to bear that in mind. Also the 5 notebooks I am going to mention down are absolutely not in any order, but for me, they are one of the best laptops for really ultimate gaming without any lags or any performance problems at all.

Asus Republic of Gamers GL771

The Asus Republic of Gamers GL771

Asus has released a really powerful notebook for gaming with some cool specifications. With the latest 4th generation i7 CPU and 12GB ram, in combination with the nVidia GeForce 860M, this notebook is showing outstanding performance to the gamers.

Having a 17.3” FullHD display, this notebook from Asus suits perfect for a lot of gamers. There are some more powerful notebooks out there, but the design of this one is obviously a good one.



This is another really powerful notebook, this time from MSI. MSI is known as a gaming leader and here it proves it again.

The notebook has 4th generation i7 CPU as well, a really powerful GPU – the nVidia GeForce 970M with 3GB memory.The ram this notebook has is usually 16gb, but supports up to 32.

The display is the same as the one we see in the Asus GL771 – FullHD 17.3”. The only disadvantage of this notebook may be its design, as it is not that light or beautiful, but having in mind the technical specifications, lots of gamers ignore this.

Acer Aspire V Nitro

Acer Aspire V Nitro Black Edition

In a previous article I showed how awesome the V Nitro Black Edition is. This is one of the best models for gaming from Acer, though it’s technical specifications are not outstanding if we compare it to the both notebooks I just mentioned.

Having an 17” FullHD IPS display and 4th generation Intel Core i7 as expected, this notebook gives really good performance. In addition you have 8GB of ram and the nVidia GeForce 860M with 2GB memory, which is also giving you smooth performance while gaming. What I like about this laptop is its design, I will say again that its hardware is not really outstanding, but the design of the device is a really good one – slim and beautiful.

Razer Blade Pro

The Razer Blade Pro

You didn’t think I would miss this one, right? The Razer Blade Pro is one of the most famous gaming notebooks on the market. For me personally, this notebook is even better than the Alienware 17” one. Though the technical specifications of this device are similar to the Acer Aspire ones, the Razer Blade Pro is another notebook with great thin design, making it perfect for gaming and work.

With 16gb ram and up to 512gb ssd, also with the 4th generation Intel Core i7, this notebook deserves its place in my top 5 for gaming notebooks.


MSI GT80 – The ultimate gaming notebook

Ever wondered what really good technical specifications are? Take a look at this gaming monster – with the GeForce 980M SLI (8GB VRAM), this notebook makes the alienware and razer blade pro models look cheap.

This super gaming notebook has 18.4” display with FullHD resolution, 32GB DDR3 Ram and of course, the best 4th generation Intel Core i7. The disadvantage here is that the laptop weighs almost 5kg.
The design of the MSI GT80 is not bad at all from outlook, though it is a fat device with cheap plastic. But still if you are looking for ultimative gaming with 3 4K Monitors, this is the notebook you need.


The gaming notebook trend has changed a lot recently, as there are more and more monsters like the MSI GT80 coming out there. For the best gaming experience, I recommend choosing a notebook with design you really like. Most of the gaming notebooks are already capable of running any game you would want, why choosing a heavy 5kg notebook for this?

In my opinion, these 5 are the best gaming notebooks on the market, as we can see the MSI GT80 has blown everyone with its technical specification, while the Razer Blade Pro and the Acer Aspire one have great design and are lightweight.


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