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HTC One M9

5 Reasons To BUY the HTC One M9

In this article I will say the reasons why you should buy the HTC One M9. This is my favorite Android device for the past 2 years. I have my reasons why you should not buy and why you should.

Reason №1 – Design

In the reasons why you should not buy the HTC M9 I said the design is a reason why you should not buy it, because has no difference with the previous generations. This not means that the design is bad and I don’t like it. The design is perfect. When you first pick it up you it feels extremely premium. I is available in four different colors. My favorite is the gunmetal. The power button is now on the right side which is a great plus.

HTC One M9

Reason №2 – BoomSound Speakers

The best feature on the M9 are the front facing BoomSound speakers. These are the best so far sound speakers on any smartphone.

HTC One M9 BoomSound Speakers

Reason №3 – Android Lollipop 5.0

It is rocking Android Lollipop 5.0 with HTC Sense 7.0 overtop, and Sense is my favorite Android skin from stock Android. And one of the newest features on the Sense 7 is the Sense home widget. This widget will change the icons in course let’s say you are at work and you need to send an e-mail, when you are at home and you want to check your social profile or when you are on the go you may need maps. Another great feature are themes. You can change the theme of your overall device and make it a bit more personal. It takes the customization of Android to a simpler and easier level. Makes customization more accessible to people who usually complain that Android devices are too complicated.

HTC One M9 & Android Lollipop 5.0

Reason №4 – Specs and Performance

The M9 is rocking the latest and greatest chipset. It has got the Snapdragon 810, Adreno 430 GPU, 3 GB of RAM as well as 32 GB onboard storage. Everything that you throughout the M9 you will perform without any sort of pick up. This is one of the smoothest Android experiences I’ve had. As I mentioned playing games, multitasking between apps – M9 walks you through everything that you throw at it. It does get a little bit toasty and hot though but it is not such a big dealbreaker

BUY the HTC One M9

Reason №5 – Expandable Memory

This may not seem too big of a deal but to some people it is. From the flagships HTC, Samsung and Apple, HTC the only phone that still has expandable memory up to 128 GB. So for those people that need it, it is there.

HTC One M9 Review


So those are my top 5 picks up why you should grab the HTC One M9. Every review should have two sides so check out my top 5 picks up why you should not get the HTC One M9.

HTC One M9 Camera

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