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6 Tips to Improve The Performance of Your Android Smartphone

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It is not a secret that Android is the most popular and used OS for mobile devices. In this article I decided to share some useful tips, how you can improve the performance of your Android device.

Wearing the crown has it’s disadvantages and one of them is the big amount of scam applications. The Android Play Store has much less control when comparing to the Apple’s one and it allows people to publish almost all kind of apps, which in a lot of cases harms your devices. But this is also what made Play Store grow fast and even break all mobile market records. There are apps that steal your contact, mail or other personal info and do not harm your smartphone, other apps just start a service, which is running every time your phone is turned on, which is the main cause your phone is becoming slower. Therefore I think the first tip might be the most important one.

Use your brain when installing apps

Use Your Brain

People see different interesting apps in the store and start installing them immediately, which is often a big mistake causing harm on your device. Pick the apps you install, verify the author and read the permissions required by the app. Downloading an antivirus software for your will not help you, it will make your smartphone even slower, because of the background service it starts.

Read the reviews of an app, downloads number and author, because this information is the first indicator if an app is not trustworthy. After checking out this info, permissions are really important, you don’t want a “snake” game to access your contacts and personal info, right?

Forget the clearing memory apps

The clearing memory apps

As already mentioned, background services started from not used apps slow down the performance, that’s why RAM is always full or almost full. Guess what – I don’t use the memory cleaners, just because they do nothing. Honestly, apps do not have that deep access to clean your memory like a real task manager would (except if your phone is rooted), so what they mostly do is to stop inactive activities from running, therefore the RAM usage drops. But you don’t wanna press a button every time to clean the memory, right? Most androids have the task manager and even the Samsung TouchWiz has built-in RAM cleaner, so it makes no sense to install an additional app for this.

Discover developer options

Discover developer options

Though you are not a developer, using some settings in this menu, allow you to improve the performance in some aspects. Usually the menu is hidden, but you can unlock it by tapping several times on the build information in the About section.

What could be really useful are the options to limit background running apps or use gpu for 2D rendering. There are some more tweaks, but since most of you are not developers, I will write an additional article mentioning and explaining more about these options.

Power saving reduces performance a lot

Power saver turned on will reduce the performance of your smartphone

Having power saver turned on will reduce the performance of your smartphone so much that you will wonder if it is working normally at all. Power saving is cool, but you don’t need it turned on all the time. Instead decrease brightness and analyse battery usage.

Another thing I would like to mention here is again about the apps. Downloading apps for power saving, really? You know that this kind of apps need to run always in background, which will require even more usage of RAM or CPU performance. This makes no sense, just use the built-in power saver only in emergency cases, otherwise just decrease brightness as the display uses most from the battery.

Update your phone frequently

Android Update

This is another important tip – you should update the software on your smartphone often. Having a Galaxy S3 with stock software is slower than updating it to the latest firmware. There are a lot of updates in Android (especially Lollipop) which improve performance and battery life, that’s why you need to have them.

Also do not forget to update your apps frequently. Most of the time, bugs are fixed and performance issues are solved.

Root it, it doesn’t hurt

Android Root

Rooting and Android is not like jailbreaking an iPhone, mainly because the OS is free and some companies even recommend it. Rooting your phone means you gain admin access and you can do whatever you want.

Here I would like to mention the harmful apps again. If you have a rooted phone, installing a harmful app which is a scam, it can either steal all your personal info or permanently damage your phone. The best antivirus is in your head, use it, do not download it from the store.


So in order to conclude, I would say that the most important thing for you to do is to really use your head when installing apps. Actually it is similar with PCs, if you know what you are doing, you will never need an Antivirus software. Android gives you a lot of opportunities and obviously has a reason to be #1 mobile OS.

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