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7 Tips and Tricks – Apple Watch

7 Tips and Tricks – Apple Watch

The Apple Watch may look seriously cool on your wrist, but a lot of you don’t know all software features. The learning curve is massive. So this are my 7 tips and tricks for you to be a champ while using the Apple Watch and still looking really cool.

Tip №1 – Siri

This feature was first introduced in the iOS devices while they are plugged in, but now it’s here on the Apple Watch. To activate just raise your wrist and say “Hey Siri”. From there you can ask for directions, call people, text people and even launch and even launch Apple Watch applications. I found this really helpful while driving.

Apple Watch "Hey Siri"

Tip №2 – Force Touch

Apple want to simplify the button layout on the watch, so they limit you to three types input, the screen, the digital crown and the side button. So Apple added an extra option called the force touch. On some applications it allows you to open up a menu for that application. But it is annoying to keep track of what works on what.

Apple Watch Force Touch

Tip №3 – Clearing Notifications

On Apple Watch you have the notification center, very similar to iOS, and you if you are a person getting tons of notifications, you may love this tip. So instead of swiping them away one by one – force touch on the screen and hit clear all.

Apple Watch Clearing Notifications

Tip №4 – Dismissing Long Notifications

For example if you got an e-mail and you choose to open it, and you may have to do some serious scrolling. You can just swipe down and away, and the notification goes away.

Tip №5 – Managing Your Applications

You can manage your apps right on the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. But if you want to do the old fashioned way, long press on the icons and wait until they dance. Then move them around to the preferred position.

Apple Watch Managing Applications

Tip №6 – Get Back to Previously Opened Applications

If you accidently open another app or just want to go back to the app you were just in, just double click the digital crown and it will send you over to the last app it was opened. This is extremely useful while driving.

Apple Watch Crown

Tip №7 – How to Take a Screenshot

On the Apple Watch all you have to do is press the digital crown and the side button all together and there we go. The photo will be saved onto your iPhone, not you Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Screenshot Animation

Now once you are on to these tips, you will be using the Apple Watch like a champ.

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