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Best Headphones for Running

Best Headphones for Running 2015-16

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If you’re a runner and you’re tired of your headphones falling out or having to constantly adjust them to make sure they will stay in, then you really need a good pair of headphones that are specifically designed for running and exercising. You should have a pair that can withstand the sweat from a mid-day or morning jog under the hot sun, and that also fit your ears perfectly to stay in place throughout your run. They should be durable enough as well to last if you accidentally drop them or they get squished by something in your bag.

If this is exactly the kind of headphones you’re looking for then we’ve got you covered. This list of the top four running headphones on the market has already been narrowed down to the best of the best to make your choice that much easier. These four tick pretty much all the boxes you could ask for in a pair of great running or jogging headphones.

Yurbuds Inspire Limited Edition

Yurbuds Inspire Limited EditionThe Yurbuds Inspire headphones are very light in weight and will not slip off all that easily. This uses a sturdy body that works with what Yurbuds calls TwistLock technology. This uses a series of studs and curves on the buds to secure them in position as they are inserted into the ears. The potential for them to slip out or become loose will be minimal when used properly.

The headphones create a good amount of bass that is easy to feel and is not too uncomfortable to where it can get to be far too extreme. There are also inline controls on the headphones to make it work carefully and with ease. The user can adjust the volume on the fly as required. In fact, the earbuds themselves will isolate noise quite well, thus keeping the user from having to bear with too much outside noise while getting a good workout in.

The FlexSoft feature on the headphones also keep a good deal of insulation within the headphones so they will keep them from being impacted by water, sweat and other forms of moisture that can come about during a workout. This keeps the sounds consistent throughout an entire workout, thus allowing the user to feel as comfortable with a workout as possible.

The Kevlar cable also keeps the headphones intact. The signals will not wear out easily and will keep working for as long as needed to create a better sound that is attractive and easy for all athletes to enjoy listening to.

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JayBird BlueBuds X

JayBird BlueBuds XThe JayBird BlueBuds X has become a favorite among many runners thanks to the Bluetooth technology used within these headphones. The Bluetooth link within the headphones can connect to any portable media device that can handle Bluetooth signals. These include smartphones and assorted portable media players alike.

These headphones will work for hours on end. They can last for about eight hours on a single charge. What’s even more important is that the headphones will not cut out while being used, thus keeping them functional and active for as long as possible. The range of support for the Bluetooth signals is vast and consistent through all times while using the headphones.

The secure fit on the headphones is made possible through a series of small cushions on the sides of the headphones. This allows the headphones to move into the ears and keep them comfortable for as long as possible. It allows the ears to feel relaxed and at ease. This in turn creates a more comfortable and enjoyable experience when running as the potential for them to fall out from the ears will be relatively minimal.

The sounds produced by the headphones are accurate and comfortable while generating a good tone that isn’t too hard to control. The volume control setup allows the user to feel more comfortable while wearing the headphones. Also, the treble effects are wide-ranging and cover more frequencies. It even does well when more bass sounds are being generated. The potential for distortion to come about while using these headphones is extremely minimal.

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Sennheiser PMX 685i Sports

Sennheiser PMX 685i SportsThe Sennheiser PXM 685i Sports headphones is a neckband-style option that uses soft buds that don’t have cushions but instead have sturdy and flexible bodies that will move into the ears quite well. The potential for these earbuds to slip out of the ears during a workout is extremely minimal, thus making them even more functional.

The neckband itself is very flexible and soft. It will not cause discomfort and it can bend alongside the user’s movements while handling them, thus creating the best possible signals that anyone can enjoy listening to when exercising or doing anything else special with these users.

What’s even more important is that the ear buds will feel natural as they are being used. They will not bear with a great deal of irritation as they are not far too invasive. They will create a seal that keeps outside sounds from getting in the way without disturbing the insides of the user’s ears.

The sound quality is very rich and easy to enjoy. It will not cause any irritation nor will the sound be at risk of dropping out while in use. It can especially do well at higher volumes.

The connector that goes from the headphones to a media device is also strong and flexible. It uses a 3.5 mm plug that works for most devices and will not break apart or wear out easily. This in turn keeps the signals from the device to the headphones from wearing out easily and becoming potentially worn out.

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Jabra Sport Pulse

Jabra Sport PulseJabra Sport Pulse headphones are wireless and come with a built-in heart rate monitor that works with the Jabra proprietary Sport Life application. The app includes various fitness tests to measure your endurance.

The Jabra Sport Pulse headphones also include Dolby sound enhancement that gives the audio a nice boost. These headphones also feature in-line controls for ease of answering calls and talking on the phone while on the jogging trail. Jabra Sport Pulse headphones are IP55 certified to be sweat, dust and water resistant. They offer really great value and also happen to be some of the finest sport headphones on the market. Pick these if you want a great wireless pair that comes with some neat bonus features.

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The Sennheiser PXM 685i Sports headphones’ neckband shape makes them some of the most unique and best headphones you can buy. Compared to the others in the list, they differ by their design, but match in sound quality. Each of these four pairs of headphones are about equal in terms of value and satisfaction all around. Now that we’ve handpicked the top four, you can buy with confidence knowing you’re getting the best there is. Any one of them is the right choice!

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