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Best Headphones for Skiing

Best Headphones for Skiing

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If you’re a skier and you’ve never tried a pair of headphones that are designed to fit into your helmet, then you really need to pick up a pair. They’re so much more comfortable than basic earphones.

Stock or other earphones won’t hold up well with the cold mountain wind from a snow-covered slope rushing into them. You won’t even be able to hear your music if you’re going fast enough. Worst of all, they’re definitely not built to last if they fall and hit the snow-covered ground. If that happens, you can probably say goodbye to them since they aren’t water resistant or durable enough for use with extreme sports.

In-helmet headphones offer much more comfort when placed in your helmet, as traditional ear buds may pinch or put pressure on your ears once your helmet is secure. If you have a friend or family member who is a skier, this is the ideal gift for their birthday or special occasion. They’ll love being able to tear up the snow while jamming to their favorite tunes.

This top three list has already been cut down to the finest choices on the net for skiers. So here it is!

Bose SIE2i Sport

Bose SIE2i Sport

The Bose SIE2i headphones uses a tonally balanced setup that creates the best highs and lows possible. It uses a controlled audio setup that links up well with most portable media devices thanks to a secure and locking 3.5mm jack. This can even work with an extension in its wires if necessary, thus allowing more people to use this setup as needed.

The Stay Hear ear tips are an especially popular part of these headphones for all skiers to enjoy. These will stay in piece during a workout even during the toughest workouts. They are also slim enough to fit around a skiing helmet, thus keeping the headphones in while the helmet will not be disrupted.

A hydrophobie cloth is also used on the earbuds and many surrounding spots. This cloth protects the headphones and keeps them from being impacted by snow, sweat and other forms of moisture.

Bose has even teamed up with Reebok to offer a fitness armband that pairs up with the SIE2i headphones. This will hold onto the audio device while working out. It even has a small window to display the main control screen on a media player. It keeps the system from being too hard to use.

It all works with the TriPort headphone system. It creates a wide-ranging sound system that moves around quite well while skiing. It also produces the best possible lows to create a rhythm that is perfect for when one is looking to ski down in a fine pattern.

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Outdoor Tech OT0032 Chips Universal System

Outdoor Tech OT0032 Chips Universal SystemThis in-helmet and wireless audio system from Outdoor Tech is popular among skiers because it offers a Hi-Fi setup that moves the best possible sounds into the user’s ears. It can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device and will get sounds to play back as well as possible.

The battery on these headphones can work for ten hours on a single charge. The user can plug the headphones into a USB port to charge them up as needed. A 3.5 mm jack can also be added onto this unit if needed, thus allowing the program to work well for all needs that people may hold.

A two-button control setup is also featured here. It uses two buttons to adjust the volume on the device, play or pause the music and even switch tracks. It can also answer calls on a compatible device. This can work in many conditions without forcing the user to take off one’s gloves to use it.

This is a water and sweat resistant set that can fit into most helmets. The buds are also secure while the wire is slim and sturdy without being at risk of coming apart or otherwise wearing out. This can even work in some of the coldest skiing conditions around including temperatures at about -4 degrees Fahrenheit.

It all works with 40 mm magnet drivers to create the best possible sounds. The sounds will include the best and clearest tones with only the highest and lowest treble and bass effects that a user can enjoy.

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Uclear HBC120 Plus

Uclear HBC120 Plus

This headset comes with a Bluetooth communicator that fits onto the side of your helmet over your ear. It’s ideal for keeping in touch with other skiers on the alpine or even being able to make calls through the built in microphone.

It plays music as well, and the sound quality is quite good. Bass levels are not spectacular but the overall sound quality is accurate and clear. The headphones themselves fit into your helmet and are loud enough for you to hear a conversation or song clearly while cutting through the snow.

The Uclear HBC120 Plus also features GPS support and voice command so you can control it without even using your hands. Overall, it’s a great pick for someone who may need to take calls during their day on the slopes or wants to enjoy their favorite band.

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Each of these three pairs of headphones will sound fantastic as you carve down the mountain. You’ll be glad you got a pair that is designed specifically for skiing and other sports. All three of these are loud with very good sound quality. Enjoy ripping it up to the soundtrack of your choice knowing you have the very best headphones on the market for skiing.

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