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Snowboard Headphones

Best Snowboard Headphones Under $50

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You shouldn’t hit the slopes without a good soundtrack to give you the perfect background music to carve to. If you don’t already have a good pair of snowboarding headphones, then you ought to get some quick. Just being able to listen to your favorite playlist and zone out to it will make your day on the slopes that much better.

There are plenty to choose from out there, but the best ones can fit directly into your helmet comfortably. Earbuds will do the trick, but they won’t be nearly as comfortable, and the sound quality will probably be lesser. Even if you don’t wear a helmet while you’re snowboarding, these headphones will still fit inside your winter hat nicely, and will definitely still be really loud.

Below is a list of three of the best pairs of snowboard headphones you can get. It’s a matter of preference of course, but these three are all around really good headphones that happen to fit right into your helmet. To help you choose the right snowboard headphones for you, here’s our list of the three best.

SkullCandy Giro TuneUps

SkullCandy Giro TuneUpsThe Giro TuneUps were made by SkullCandy as headphones that can easily fit in around a user’s helmet. It uses slim wires and strong cups that will go over the ears quite well and will not disrupt the user while working out. When used properly, it will create an impressive tone that is easy for all people to try out and enjoy using as required, thus establishing a fine setups for all people to try out and enjoy.

The TuneUps uses a volume control and mute buttons with the buds. This allows the user to adjust the volume while on the fly, thus keeping the sounds from being too hard to handle than needed. The user can even adjust the tracks on the fly as needed.

The TuneUps feature uses 40 mm speakers that will fit over the ears and can create the deepest bass tones possible while also supporting a sturdy treble effect that is light and easy to handle. This is very easy to attach to any portable media device too. When used properly, it will create true to life sound no matter what the conditions are. These speakers will even resist moisture that can come about while heading downhill.

This is also very light in weight. The headphones are only about 0.3 pounds in weight, thus making them work quite well and carefully without being too thick. The wires are also very slim while the buds themselves are about one inch thick all around.

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Shark SHKLXH1 Headset

Shark SHKLXH1 HeadsetThis Shark audio headset is designed for all kinds of activities where a helmet is required. It is perfect for snowboarding and can also work while skiing, riding a motorcycle or doing other things with a helmet. When used right, it will create the best possible sounds without forcing the user to have to bend over backwards just to make it all work out right.

The SHKLXH1 will block out wind and noise in even the toughest and most intense road conditions around. It uses a series of flat buds that will fit over the ears quite well while the cups themselves are not too thick but will still cover the ears as needed. The quick-release setup also allows the headphones to be removed quickly as demanded. It will stay on even while heading downhill but can be easily removed when necessary.

The headset is also slight and light enough to stay on the head with ease. It has a weight of about 1.6 ounces while the ear buds are about three inches in diameter so they won’t slip off. If used right, it will not wear out easily or otherwise be a challenge for users to work with as demanded.

An extension cord for adjusting the volume can also be added if necessary. This extra control feature will allow the user to quickly create a bonus link between the media player to the headphones. This all works with a 3.5 mm setup that is easy to follow and isn’t too uncomfortable or otherwise challenging to use.

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Outdoor Tech OT0042 Wired Chips

Outdoor Tech OT0042 Wired ChipsThese are some of the very best headphones you can get for the price that are fitted for insertion into a helmet. They do have a wire unlike their wireless counterparts, but that also means you don’t need to charge any batteries or worry about them dying.

40 mm drivers give these headphones very good sound quality considering they’re only about $30.The highs come through crisp and well defined, while the lows are pretty deep for a pair of headphones. They’re designed to withstand extremely cold temperatures, so they’re pretty much perfect all around for use while snowboarding. You’ll never have to worry about them freezing up due to weather. Since they’re durable, they should last a very long time.

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Whether you prefer a wireless headset or one that uses Bluetooth, all three of these are great and definitely won’t disappoint anybody as a gift or much needed accessory for the perfect ride. Though not everyone wears a helmet while snowboarding, they definitely should. Having snowboard headphones that are fitted for a helmet will help them kick that bad habit of riding with just a hat. It’s always good to have some encouragement to wear your helmet; that’s why in-helmet headphones are the best for snowboarding, so pick yourself up a pair of one of these three.


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