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Best Workout Headphones

Best Workout Headphones 2015-16

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In order to really get in the zone during your workout, you’ll need a motivational soundtrack, and that means you’ll need a good pair of headphones.

Stock headphones that come with your smart phone or even a quality pair of ear phones that aren’t designed to withstand use during tough workouts just aren’t durable enough to take the beating they’ll inevitably go through over time. They aren’t designed to be covered in sweat, or tossed around in the bottom of a gym bag.

Durability is not the only issue. How many times have you accidentally caught your headphone wire on something and had it either rip out of your phone’s audio jack, or worse, had it make your entire phone go crashing to the floor. Wireless headphones offer a huge advantage in terms of flexibility and the freedom to ignore the fact that you have them in. Workout headphones are fitted to stay in better while you’re being active as well, so you don’t even need to be mindful while you’re using them.

Below are the very best workout headphones out there. Pick up a pair and enjoy great sound quality while working up a serious sweat!

Bose Freestyle

Bose FreestyleThe Bose Freestyle headphones are popular among fitness and workout enthusiasts as they can secure themselves onto the user’s ears without wearing out all that easily. The headphones offer a full bass sound and will generate the richest sounds possible.

These headphones are also sweat-resistant and can create a sturdy grip into one’s ears without being at risk of wearing out. This in turn will allow for a better tone that is easy for all to try out and use for their workouts.

The headphones also come with a series of anchors that can easily fit onto the back parts of the ears. This will allow the ears to feel more comfortable as they will not be abrasive or run around the ears far too often. The plastic materials here are also soft enough for the skin to handle without being at risk of digging into the skin all that often.

A small remote is also integrated into the cord. This is placed around the middle part so it won’t tug upon the buds. This allows the user to adjust the volume on the fly and to even mute it altogether if demanded.

The user can even make calls with this headset. The calling feature works with most mobile devices although it tends to have better signals off of Apple phones than Android and Windows-powered phones. This allows the user to quickly create some of the best possible sounds out of this device so the best experience can come about while using this as well.

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JayBird Sportsband

JayBird SportsbandJayBird makes the Sportsband in nine different colors. It works with a wireless connection that can handle Bluetooth signals on most mobile devices including smartphones and some of the hottest new portable media players around. This can be charged up while not in use to create enough battery power to make it last through a week’s worth of workouts. This can also connect to the separate iSport attachment that can work on mobile device that don’t normally have Bluetooth support, thus expanding the user’s ability to get wireless Bluetooth signals running here.

The left ear space has a full control panel with a series of clearly labeled buttons. It uses a separate power button in the middle plus controls for the volume, the track being played and so forth. When used properly, it will create the best effects for playing back music quite well as the user can easily control the setup as needed. The buttons are well-labeled as well. They are not overly sensitive either.

The buds are also soft and well-cushioned for the user to enjoy. They will allow a user to enjoy listening to music without being bothered by a great deal of weight coming off of the headphones. When used right, it will create a great sensation that is easy to enjoy while working out. It creates a comfortable feeling that all people will want to try out as desired without being overly challenging to use in any kind of circumstance, thus making for a thrilling experience.

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Plantronics BackBeat FIT

Plantronics BackBeat FITBehind-the-neck headphones are especially useful for those who want to feel comfortable during a workout. The Plantronics BackBeat FIT is a model that uses this design that will stay in its place even while going through some intense workouts. This works with a Bluetooth 3.0 connection and even uses a P2i coating that will protect the user from sweat, water and other forms of moisture that can come about during a workout.

The battery can operate with up to eight hours of talk time on a single charge. It also runs with fourteen days of standby power and will automatically turn itself off when it does not identify a device that might have Bluetooth support.

This even comes with its own neporene armband. The user can place one’s mobile device into the armband to secure it in place while working out. It can be secured and sealed up and even reversed if necessary. This is compatible with most major smartphones and portable music players on the market.

The controls on the ends of the headphones also allow the user to play and pause music and to control the volume. These are located on the ends of each ear space and are easy to push and use. They will not be triggered too easily, thus ensuring that the music will play back at a consistent rate to keep it working well and with care. This in turn allows the user to enjoy a great playback that is easy for all to maintain and use.

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Sol Republic Relays

Sol Republic RelaysThe Relays are some of the best fitting, most comfortable workout headphones you can buy. They go in easily and fit snug enough to allow you to forget you’re even wearing them. For roughly $40, they have a surprisingly loud i5 sound engine. Sound levels may not be as pure as the BackBeat Fit, but they’re also about a third the price. Considering just how comfy they are compared to others, they deliver great value.

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The top four picks above are ideal for working out as they fit just right and are designed for being active. If you want wireless, then the Relays may not be the best option as they are wired, but if price and comfort are top priorities for you, then the Relays would be the obvious choice. For something a bit more powerful, go with one of the other three, which each have slightly more of an edge in sound quality. Whichever of these four you choose, you definitely won’t be disappointed.


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