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Bose SoundTrue Ultra In-ear Headphones

Bose SoundTrue Ultra In-ear Headphones Review

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The SoundTrue Ultra in-ear noise-isolating headphones recently released by Bose are a nice step up from their predecessors. They’ve been updated and improved greatly in terms of sound quality, and fit tighter and more comfortably. Thanks to Bose’s newly designed proprietary StayHear Ultra ear tips, outside noise is limited as the ear tips create an airtight seal. So when you’re rocking out and your friend is telling you about the weird dream they had last night, you can just nod and pretend to listen.

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The SoundTrue Ultras are more sweat and weather resistant than last year’s SoundTrue in-ear headphones. The tighter fit allows them to stay in better and not fall out, in case you want to wear your headphones while at the gym or playing sports.

The improvement in sound quality is dramatic over the previous in-ear SoundTrues, which lacked the signature StayHear tips. It’s hard to say if it’s the tips themselves responsible for the jump in clarity, improved drivers or a combination of the two, but the result is undeniably better audio quality. Voices sound rich and amazingly accurate. Instruments are enhanced and the bass is at least as low and deep as last year’s SoundTrues.

Simply put, the newest in-ear SoundTrue headphones offer fantastic clarity. The SoundTrue Ultras make instruments sound distinct from one another and detailed. The bass doesn’t overpower reducing overall quality. Some may prefer super powerful bass throughout their songs, and for them there is a sub bass extension. You can always increase the bass using the equalizer in your phone’s music player as well of course, but it kind of defeats the purpose of having such great instrument clarity if you set it too high. Regardless, they will still sound very good.

Bose SoundTrue Ultra In-ear Headphones ReviewThe cords running down from each earpiece meet at a T-joint which follows to the jack. It’s in the shape of a ‘T’ to keep the two chords from tangling or rubbing together and creating noise within the headphones during use. There is the inclusion of an inline remote along the chord as can be expected with in-ear headphones. The American company makes two versions of the SoundTrue Ultra, one for iPhones and one for Android phones, namely Samsung. The inline remote works great for making calls. It includes two volume buttons and a middle button for taking calls and switching back to your music.

The SoundTrue Ultra in-ear headphones cost approximately $140 new and include a carrying case. Compared to the in-ear SoundTrues from the year before, they cost only $10 or $20 more. The StayHear tips, which come in three different sizes, improved fit, improved resistance to elements, a more durable cable and a T-jointed cable account for the increase in price. The main reason it’s worth it, is because of how dramatically the acoustics provided but the new ear tips improve sound. Though Bose left out noise cancelation, the noise isolation of the airtight suction and ear tip design does a good job of blocking out sounds from outside.

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The SoundTrue Ultras are very light and that adds to their superior comfort. Plastic instead of metal earpieces ensure a lightweight experience that will allow you to forget that you even have them in when you’re not listening to anything.

Overall, the Bose SoundTrue Ultra in-ear headphones are definitely worth picking up if you’re looking for a new pair due to their comfort and excellent sound clarity.




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