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Fitness trackers reviews Garmin Vivosmart

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Fitness and smart watches are the in thing at the moment. Such is the hype that if you have a high end phone, it is almost synonymous to your being. In fact some of these devices come bundled with smart watches when you purchase them. Garmin Vivosmart is one such device, though experts contend that it is neither a fitness tracker nor a smart watch, but a nifty combination of either. Why is this so?

Well, the device, going for around $170, is able to perform all the tasks and functions that you would hope to find in a fitness tracker, while at the same time it also has some features that you would find in a smart watch. This means that while you are able to monitor your steps and the calories that you have burned, you are also able to see your email, check Facebook and Twitter through the OLED screen. What’s more, you can also see your notifications and receive incoming calls. The challenge for such devices therefore is whether or not it can multitask efficiently.

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Something interesting about the Garmin Vivosmart is the fact that as you use it from day to day, it adjusts itself to your level of recent activity. In fact, they have designed in it a “move bar” which monitors your level of movement through the day and advises you on when you need to get flexible, move around.

In as far as motivation is concerned however, the Garmin Vivosmart fitness app that is designed to operate in the device hasn’t got much to offer. Apart from that, the device also has a penchant for scratching rather easily. Those who have used it over time have also complained that if you have it on for a longer time period, it becomes rather uncomfortable. One of the other concerns that has been raised in the past is the fact that the Garmin Vivosmart is not really compatible with most of the smartphones out there. Perhaps this is something that can be fixed when rolling out updates and upgrades in the future.

In as much as we will commend Garmin for being one of the pioneers in combining a smart watch and a fitness tracker, from an ergonomic point of view there is still so much to be done. The notifications might make it look and feel like a smart watch, but this does still not justify the incredulous price it fetches in the market.

In the development stages a lot of people widely expected that Garmin Vivosmart would go into the market with a view to tackling the Apple Watch. However, instead of playing this card they chose to focus more on presenting an efficient fitness tool that has seen a lot of enthusiasts have nothing but praise for the Garmin Vivosmart. What they have done is prove that there is so much more to this market other than competition. They have also taken a really strong stand for the use of tech in improving fitness.

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