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Fitness trackers reviews: Jawbone UP2

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Jawbone UP2Jawbone UP2 combines two things that make the perfect recipe for a winner in the current gadget market; an incredible software build and an amazing price. Everyone is keen on getting some of the best products in the market, albeit by paying significantly less for them. The UP2 brand is actually a replacement of the UP24 brand of activity trackers.

It is important not to confuse UP2, UP24 and UP3. UP3 is the more advanced of the three, including functions such as a heart rate monitor. However, UP2 improves on UP24, with more or less the same features, a few tweaks to make it more functional, and a reduced price. You can get it for around $100 or less, depending on the prevailing market rate and forces.

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This device monitors the steps that you make every other day, the distance that you cover and calories that you burn. Apart from that, you also get a sleep tracker bundled in the device. When you double tap on the top side of the band, an activity light shows you the mode the tracker is currently tracking. To save on energy, you can make a long press on the band while the activity light is still on to enable sleep mode. Sadly a number of people have complained in the past that this function is not responsive all the time, so we might look forward to more developments in the future to sort this out.

Jawbone UP2 Night ActivityOne thing that we can appreciate however is that with time, you can actually set the device to recover any data that was not tracked when you were sleeping. All you have to do is to add a range of hours within which you were asleep. That being said however, the market and the clientele still demand a device that is able to automatically track sleep as is the case with most of the competition.

Interestingly enough, Jawbone UP2 does not come with a display, but there is an alarm that silently vibrates. This is really innovative, having something that vibrates gently on your wrist to wake you up. If you happen to fall into some light sleep perhaps when you are a bit exhausted, the smart alarm will also wake you up. It is actually peaceful and rather sensible as compared to the blaring sounds of anormalsmartphone alarm.

One of the most commendable things about this particular fitness tracker is the fact that even though you can use it without a display, it is still one of the most functional trackers you will come to get your hands on.

Now only is it affordable, but it is easy to use, will help you keep tabs on your lifestyle and in the long run you will be able to live a healthier lifestyle than you have been doing for a while. Take charge, regain control and with this simple gadget, get your fitness goals back on track – you will be happier years down the line.

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