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iOS 9 Will Be Optimized For Older Devices Like iPhone 4S

The next WWDC is coming up soon and there are new rumors on the next version of the Apple OS. The most interesting information is connected with iOS 9 and the optimization for older devices.

Apple will take the update to the A5 devices like the 5th gen iPod Touch, the original iPad Mini and the 3rd gen Apple TV, all which are still in sale. The most important is that it will be available to iPhone 4S, which is outside production. It is highly possible to be also available on the iPad 2.

If this is true, we will be witnesses at the most maintained operating system for all iPhone models till now.  By tradition iOS maintains up to four generations smartphones, but it looks like that the new iOS 9 will include maintain for all devices from 2011 till now – from the iPhone 4S to the feature device that Apple will announce this fall.

Also by tradition, the new updates for the OS have problems with the older devices – iOS 7 worked very bad with the iPhone 4, and iOS 8 was not much better with the iPhone 4S. To avoid this, Apple is obviously working on a new approach to update this time. They will offer a simplified iOS 9 for older devices and gradually activating additional features.


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