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iPad Air 2

iPad Air 2 – A Powerful Tablet

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The iPad Air 2 is the thinnest tablet Apple has ever made. There’s an incredibly crowded tablet market and I think the iPad Air 2 is the best one out there.


The iPad Air 2 is thinner and lighter than the first iPad Air 0.43 grams and 6.1 mm thin, thinner than any other tablet out there. It is completely made of metal and has rounded side. It kind of feels that the display is attached to almost nothing at this point. The fact that is also lighter means it’s just as easy as any other tablet to hold in the hand and it’s much easier to hold with one hand and type and poke with the other hand. The side bezels are thinned out a little but there’s still plenty of room to rest your thumb so. The disadvantage with the new thinner and lighter iPad is that the mute switch that has been on the side of every single iPad and iPhone since the beginning is now gone. It’s been replaced with their software toggle it in the quick settings of iOS 8. I don’t think the tablet is too thin for this I think is a decide decision by Apple.

iPad Air 2 Tablet


The other downside of going so thin and light is this space and size are a little bit smaller and that means you have a smaller battery. It’s still a great battery life for a tablet. I didn’t even notice any difference in the battery life. The tablet lasts you all day. But it has this 15% smaller battery. You should be mad at Apple for sacrificing battery just to make it thinner !

iPad Air 2 Battery


One of the biggest and best improvements on the iPad Air 2. It’s still a Retina display and it still has the same 4:3 aspect ratio and 2048 by 1536 resolution, great colors and color reproduction, brightness levels and etc. Now this display is fully-laminated display which actually ironically means less air between the glass and the panel. So this and the new anti-reflecting coating is supposed to give the new screen a much more glare free look  at the images closer to the surface of the glass and actually thought it pretty much seem I was touching the pixels, like the image was floating right on top of the iPad as I touched. The Retina display looks great

iPad Air 2 Gold


The Air 2 Is rocking Apple’s new A8 X chip, powered by the motion M8 chip, which is their best mobile chip yet, and without getting too technical it’s essentially a triple core, three core processor and you also now finally for the first time in Apple tablet history get 2 GB of RAM. The A8X chip – it’s incredible, it’s super powerful, it’s really thermally efficient this tablet basically never heats up on me and it powers iOS 8 as smoothly as you’d expect. They upgraded the camera to an even better 8 MP, essentially the exact same optics as the iPhone 5S. You also get Touch ID now, the fingerprint sensor over the home button which you use it to unlock your tablet. The speaker on the iPad which is very very very loud so it’s actually so loud that it vibrates the entire tablet. It’s not the best quality in the world but the loudness is impressive.

Apple A8X System


So overall you got to admit that the iPad Air 2 is pretty sweet. I made this review so you can think if it’s worth upgrading from Air to Air 2. I personally would say, for some people it’s good, but again it’s up to you.

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