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LG G4 – 5 Things To Know Before Buy

I will give you 5 of the more important points for the LG G4 that you have to know before get it.

1. The camera is really good

It features a 16 MP rear shooter with a wide open f1.8 aperture. Aperture will help with low-light performance and also give you that nice blurred out background shot with the subject in focus. You combine that with superfast autofocus, DLSR like control and the ability to shoot RAW.

LG G4 Smartphone Camera

2. The buttons are on the back

Yes I know that’s not a new feature, the G3 also had buttons on the back. It’s not the best location for the buttons, but it works well once you get used to it.

LG G4  Back Leather Camera

3. Processor

The big thing now is octa-core processor. An 8-core should be dramatically better than 6-core, but not exactly. There is a lot more that goes into how fast the phone performs or more importantly feels. The LG G4 goes with the 6-core Snapdragon 808 over the 8-core Snapdragon 810, like the M9 or G-flex 2 for example. The 810 has two quad-core processors, and the 808 is a dual-core plus a quad-core. The 810 is throlling performance when it heats up. Don’t get into the specs race, you don’t have a bad phone if you have 2 cores less.

4. Replaceable battery and MicroSD slot

These days this feature is a rarity to have this feature. The microSD card supports cards up to 2 TB. You have to know a thing after you know about the support of the 2 TB cards. First when they arrive, they are going to be really expensive. You can get cheap MicroSD cards with solid capacity.

LG G4 Battery & SD Card

5. Beautiful screen

The last thing to know is that the screen is beautiful. Its size is 5.5 inches, so I think its slightly outside the ideal one hand comfort zone. For me the best size is between 4.7 and 5.1 inches. So just keep that in mind.

LG G4 Screen

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