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List of Business Ideas You Can Sell On Social Media

List of Business Ideas You Can Sell On Social Media

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Social media is becoming more than just a hub for meeting people, connecting with friends and getting information. It has become the new ‘mall’ for many businesses. Little wonder the Mark Zuckerberg has sponsored the creation of business pages on Instagram and Facebook as well as a new WhatsApp for Business app.

If you scroll through any of your social media feeds, you will find a number of accounts selling a particular product or service. While some businesses on social media need double-check to avoid being scammed, there are many legit accounts who are smiling to the bank every day from deals struck online.

Whether you are looking to sell a service or buy one, here is a list of business ideas that are proven to sell well on social media.

Social Media Manager

As a social media manager, you can help businesses manage their accounts by creating a working plan and strategy that reflects their business goals and ideals.

Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital marketing consultants are charged with the responsibility of advising and working with various brands to create an online presence and solve their online marketing solutions. The job description usually includes creating online marketing strategies, management of digital platforms which includes social media.

Social Media Influencer

For those who have used their creative contents to create a loyal following on social media, you can run paid partnerships with other businesses or brands to promote their products or services. It does not matter your profession, being a social media influencer depends on your creativity and the number of engagement you can create on your posts.

Blogger/Freelance Writer

Blogging topics are as dynamic as life itself. Whatever field of endeavor that humans engage in, you cans blog about. Running a successful blog on social media opens you up to business opportunities in terms of paid adverts on your blog. You can also work as a freelance writer for news, lifestyle and entertainment blogs if you have the time.


Video content is taking over the social media biosphere as more and more businesses chose to market their products using moving images. You can help film, edit and package creative videos for people looking to market on YouTube, Instagram and other social media platforms.

Content Marketer/Strategist

Content marketing and strategy is quite an exciting business idea for people who get social media. While most of your work will be seen on social media, the business might include doing several other activities for clients. However, the core of content marketing and strategy involves designing marketing contents for brands, drawing up a strategy to run their social media, and other content materials needed to meet the target of the business.

Graphics Designer

Because most social media platforms demand a high level of visual aesthetics, selling your service as a graphic designer online is a huge business idea. You can choose a specialty or combine the design of company logos, business cards, letterheads, website graphics among others for businesses and individual clients.

Online Course Creator

Just as you are reading this, there are several other people who are looking to use social media as a means to expand upon their business ideas. If you are an expert in any of the fields ranging from social media management, online marketing and sales, you can create courses to teach and give people tips on how to grow their businesses.

Online courses do not have to be business inclined only; you can create courses on lifestyle, health, sports, fitness, religion and other lucrative human fields.

App Developer

App developers do not necessarily need social media to thrive, but considering that most social media platforms are apps in themselves, a technical knowledge of social media is part of the requirements.

Also, most apps are integrated with social media buttons, which demands that app developer must be at home with how most social media functions.

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