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DXRacer vs Maxnomic

Maxnomic vs DXRacer – The Top Two Gaming Chair Brands Reviewed

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Two of the top names that you’ll come across when shopping for gaming chairs are Maxnomic and DXRacer. Both companies produce a good range of products, many of which are highly rated bestsellers. Selecting the right gaming chair is not as simple as it might seem. There are many things to take into account when deciding which chair works best for you: height, pricing, comfort, adjustability, and how long you can sit in the chair before discomfort sets in.

Gaming chairs are supposed to support you for the long haul. You see popular youtubers and Twitch streamers sitting in these kinds of chairs all the time. Whether you know it or not, you’ve probably already set your eyes on either a DXRacer or a Maxnomic—or both. Whether you’re going to be sitting down for one hour or five, you need something that will sustain your body properly for the entire duration.

Overview: DXRacer Chairs

Arguably the biggest name in gaming chair production, DXRacer has produced many high quality chairs. Their brand name can be found all over Youtube and Twitch.tv as they have made several successful partnerships and sponsorships. They are a name that is synonymous with quality gaming chairs.

The most important thing to learn about DXRacer is the abundance of categories, or “classes,” that they separate their products into. This is ultimately the big hurdle to overcome when researching their brand as they make a lot of different kinds of chairs. Choosing just one can be daunting at first but that’s why we made this article, to help you navigate their massive list of products.

DXRacer Valkyrie Series
Valkyrie Series
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The DXRacer Valkyrie Series are their more lightweight models. These chairs are recommended for people who weigh 185 pounds or less and are 6 feet tall or less. In other words your BMI (body mass index) should be 25 max. They come in three different colors: red, yellow and white.

These are their upper mid-price chairs with prices starting at around $370. They’re one of the newest products DXRacer has put on the market. Their main feature is that they have an ergonomic lumbar cushion and a new headrest, items that were previously absent from other DXRacer models. This makes them great choices for people with more sensitive backs or necks or are planning for extra long-hauls and gaming sessions.

The Formula Series is a little cheaper and a little lighter, meant for 5 foot 10 and under. The weight limit is 180 pounds and they come in an impressive amount of 12 different colors. People who are picky about how their chair looks may want to consider going with the Formula Series due to its abundance of styles.

The Formula chairs don’t just come in many different looks but there are also over 30 different variations of this model. To a lot of people, that will come off as overkill. But this is what makes DXRacer the household brand name to gamers that they are. They always deliver dozens upon dozens of subtle yet significant differences in their products, from height and arm rests to fabric. They want their chairs to feel custom tailored to each owner. It’s why the Formula series has remained one of their flagship models.

DXRacer Formula Series
Formula Series – OH/FD01/NR
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The DXRacer OH/FD01/NR is one of their all-time best-selling models. It helps to exemplify what makes DXRacer such a trusted brand. Not only does it now come with a free lumbar pillow and a headrest, but it’s designed with a great body-shaped foam that will adjust to your build over time. This creates an even better fit than what comes out of the box.

Their other flagship series is called the Racing, a fitting name for a company called DXRacer. Racing chairs are available in eight different colors and over 25 different models. They’re very similar to the Formula series except they’re better fit for people who are 6 feet tall or slightly taller. Some versions come in limited edition colors or higher weight limits for those who like this style and are fine spending a little extra money.

Overview: Maxnomic

There’s no doubt that Maxnomic is a well respected brand name when it comes to gaming chairs. However there’s even less doubt that Maxnomic does not have the same mass appeal and popularity that DXRacer has. Is Maxnomic criminally underrated, or does DXRacer deserve their spot as one of the goliaths of gaming chair design?

Maxnomic products are generally different from DXRacer in a few areas: the pricing, the durability, the foam fabric and the arm rests.

DXRacer Tank Series
Tank Series
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When it comes to price, Maxnomic tends to be a little more expensive on average. There’s no doubt that DXRacer has their fair share of premium products. Their Tank Series chairs can cost upwards of $600. But their average prices are just around half of that, whereas Maxnomic chairs tend to cost around $350 on average though they do have a few models that are priced below that.

So generally speaking, DXRacer is cheaper, but are they the better value?

When it comes to durability we have to choose Maxnomic. We love the comfort level of every DXRacer chair we’ve sat in, from the complimentary headrests to the seat and the back. DXRacer’s most comfortable chairs are probably easier going than Maxnomic’s comfiest ones. But Maxnomic is still the victor when it comes to toughness. The materials used in their seat and backs are undoubtedly sturdier and much harder to damage. They’re thicker but still manage to be soft enough to lend well to extra long gaming sessions.

While DXRacer’s molding foam is a great feature, it comes with the side effect of being weaker quality fabric in comparison to Maxnomic’s. In the end you’ll be deciding between a more customized sitting experience or a chair that will last longer but not provide quite as ergonomic of a fit. We personally prefer DXRacer’s custom foam in regard to comfort as their chairs are already pretty well made in the first place, but your tastes may vary.

When it comes to fashionable looks and aesthetics we think it’s a hands down victory for DXRacer. Maxnomic has a few really nice limited edition chairs sporting the logos of various gaming teams: Evil Geniuses and Cloud 9, to name a few. They even have a Counter-Strike: GO themed chair and a few other gaming related companies like DreamHack.

Maxnomic DreamHack PRO
DreamHack PRO

These are great incentives for people who are die hard fans of any of the groups we just mentioned and could very well be the deal maker. But in general, Maxnomic’s designs are a little on the bland side. They aren’t bad but about half of their chairs have a very simple yet drab look to them. These ones also usually only come in one color: black, gray or some variant of charcoal. We will say that their DreamHack PRO chair does look quite nice though, and is on par with some of DXRacer’s best looking models.

It may be a small thing to boast but we also found that Maxnomic has the superior arm rests, support stand and wheels. Just about every DXRacer chair comes with the standard office chair wheels you’ve seen before. Maxnomic’s wheels feel a little sturdier and tighter. They glide against the ground much smoother. The stands are also glossy and are just much nicer to the touch and to the eyes.

As for the arm rests we prefer Maxnomic’s because they’re tougher and firmer. DXRacer’s are good but felt too soft. You want your back and behind to sink into the chair but you want your arms and hands to be level and firm so that they give you the stability you want when gaming. Your arms are often going to be a little tensed up during game sessions anyway so you might as well have arm rests that don’t fight against that natural urge.


While both companies certainly offer their fair share of high quality chairs, we have to crown our winner as…DXRacer.

Maxnomic has the slight edge when it comes to custom logo designs, firmer wheels and stands and arm rests. Their products are even the more durable and heavy-duty built ones overall.

But DXRacer wins in the bigger and more important categories. They generally come at slightly more affordable prices, they look nicer, they are more comfortable and they have a much larger range of products to fit your specific needs.

If you came into this article asking “Does DXRacer really deserve their popularity” then our answer has to be a huge and loud yes. Maxnomic is a fine company that deserves more spotlight but DXRacer has truly earned their keep at the top of the pile.

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