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Pebble Time Smartwatch

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Pebble created that unique watch as one that will last for a while and give off the best possible display that anyone could ask for. It is easy to use and enjoy for many controls. It can especially do quite a bit of things as it is connected onto a Wi-Fi link.

A Special E-Paper Display

The E-Paper display feature is a key part of what makes this watch a special option. This display setup uses a flat surface that reflects light in the same way that paper does. This works alongside an LED backlight setup to improve upon the watch’s battery life. The LED light will not generate a great deal of heat either, thus keeping the user comfortable without risking too much pressure on the watch or the user.

The E-Paper display creates and always-on color screen display and a very thin body that is only about 9.5 mm thick. The glass lens is also h2 enough to keep it from being scratched. This in turn makes the watch easy to read without worrying about wearing out or otherwise becoming unsightly.

It Works For a While

The rechargeable battery on the Pebble Time Smartwatch is especially impressive. It can work for up to seven days at a time. A cable that works on a USB port can be used to recharge the watch as necessary.

How the Timeline Works

Pebble Time Smartwatch BlackThe Timeline interface on this watch is an impressive feature to check out. It notifies the user about calls, calender events, weather reports and alerts from your watch’s apps. The user can schedule events on the watch and review events that took place or whatever one has missed in real time.

Take Advantage Of Loads Of Apps

One of the best parts of the Pebble Time Smartwatch is that it can work with thousands of apps. There are more than eight thousand apps that can be used on this smartwatch. These include apps from big names like Uber, ESPN and much more.

You Can Customize It

The physical design of the Pebble Time watch is already appealing but users can also adjust it in many ways. It can work with one of many additional bands or covers. The user can choose different bands and other features to add onto the watch to make it more appealing and unique for one’s own desires.

Supports Both Options

The Pebble Time watch is amazingly compatible. It can link up to Android and iPhone smartphones alike. A Pebble Time app can be loaded onto either smartphone option to sync up to the watch. This is a very popular feature of the Pebble Time watch in that it ensures that more connections can be made to larger devices. An Android or iOS user is no longer tethered to using only a watch that can actually link up to their original operating systems. The Pebble Time can work on all of these systems as desired.

A Fun Fitness Tracker

Pebble Time Smartwatch RedThe Pebble Time watch can also link up with many activity tracking devices or applications. It can wirelessly link up to Fitocracy, Jawbone, Misfit and RunKeeper devices.

In fact, this watch can work in most places where people are trying to exercise in. It is water-resistant and will not wear out due to excess moisture. It is even water resistant at up to 30 meters, thus creating the best possible workout routine that anyone could ever enjoy getting into for one’s health and interest.

Play Back Music

The Pebble Time can connect to many music-playing programs. It can work with Pandora online radio to play back a variety of tunes. It can also connect to the iHeartRadio app, thus giving the user access to hundreds of different radio stations from around the country. This can work well thanks to the h2 Wi-Fi connections that the watch can link up to.


People who are looking for a fine smartwatch option to take advantage of can try the Pebble Time Smartwatch for their needs. This attractive smartwatch is flexible and uses many controls and apps. It all comes with one of the easiest control screens that anyone can use when finding ways to make their smartphones work out right.

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