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Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 – Which is better ?

You were expecting this particular versus but perhaps what Samsung has done with their brand new flagship smartphone this is more relevant than ever. This is the Samsung Galaxy S6 versus the iPhone 6.


Samsung has promised an upgrade in the design language for the brand new Galaxy S smartphone and as exactly what they brought are probably the changes that we have been waiting for. Now we say that there are some influences obviously being here and now that I’m looking at the iPhone 6 versus the Galaxy S 6 I will say it – they do look a little bit similar such as since the metal around the rim as very similar to the iPhone 6 but its influence has also come from the Galaxy Note 4 especially considering the small edges that are raising up on the top and bottom of the middle frame for the Galaxy S 6 and the only real similarity that makes it pretty striking is on the bottom where you see the micro USB charging port, the headphone jack and even the speaker grill on the bottom, but nonetheless the Galaxy S 6 now has a metal frame and a glass panel construction on the front and the back and it is actually quite thin like I mentioned already but also very light, making it one of the better handling Galaxy S 6 devices out there.

And if you go around the back the main difference here with the Samsung Galaxy S 6 from previous iterations is its class backing of course which is also not removable. More human body design found here much like in the iPhone 6 but also its camera on the S 6 is protruding out quite a lot to might be a bit of a problem for those who like to slide their phones around tables for example. Apple has always had some pretty great designs and Samsung finally offers a flagship with the design language material choice. With the new metal design the two phones look pretty similar.

According to the display’s the iPhone 6 now comes with a 4.7 inch IPS LCD display that has a resolution of 1334 by 750 resulting in a pixel density of 326 PPI. Now Android is somewhat moving beyond the 1080 P spacing, going to the quad HD space. Not exactly what the Galaxy S 6 does with a quad HD display that at 5.1 inches has a pixel density of 577 PPI which is pretty insane. Super AMOLED though continues to offer what we love about it from previous iterations. Very deep blacks, vibrant colors are looking more vivid on this high resolution display and from what we’ve seen so far we really do enjoy it. The iPhone 6 display also get some pretty good marks, but with this lower resolution, but if you are looking for a phone with a better display you will take the Galaxy S 6 because it just simply trumps the iPhone 6 display.

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 Design


As always by the numbers look isn’t quite too fair comparing these two devices from two different ecosystems that provide very different performance experiences. That being said the iPhone 6 offers A8 chip which comprises a dual-core processor clocked in a 1.4 GHz and his is backed by 1 GB of RAM. But on the other hand the Galaxy S 6 is going to set a precedent in that is not supporting Qualcomm chipset, like many probably but Samsung is going to globally release this phone with an Exynos processor backed by 3 GB of RAM, and in-house processor that they are optimizing for their software and as such we should pretty much expect fantastic performance from the Galaxy S 6. In other hardware the iPhone 6 is available in 16, 64, 128 GB of storage but I was also going to be the case for the Galaxy S 6 which now does not come with a removable back at which you will not be able to expand the memory or able to replace the battery.

Despite the significant difference on paper both processing packages do a great job in handling the respective experiences, and fans of either have had nothing to complain about in terms of this particular aspect of this versus. In the camera department apple stays away from the megapixel race that dominates the Android world. Samsung has been able to create some pretty incredible cameras in the past for the Android world and we’re expecting it to be even better on this new iteration of the Galaxy S line. I won’t really have any real comparisons in terms of pictures until I get my hand on my own Galaxy S 6.

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 Performance


We’re taking a look at two different ecosystems like I said before, at which time I also said that the performance on either these devices should be good for the users who decide on which one the want to back. That being said iOS 8 remains a statically similar to iOS 7. Many of the users who flock to iPhone will have a very familiar experience when going through their ecosystem. On the other hand Samsung provided a new look at their brand new TouchWizz which is an updated version. In the time I had making this review I didn’t see many extras in this new version.

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 Comparison Side Table


Now only in design the two devices are pretty similar. Display, especially performance don’t have nothing in common. With two different operating systems being backed by in-house processing packages. At this point and also  from my camera experience I hope you will see a very great looking photos from the Galaxy S 6. In my opinion i prefer the iPhone 6. The Galaxy S 6 is not bad and i can’t wait trying it out!

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Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 Review

You were expecting this particular versus but perhaps what Samsung has done with their brand new flagship smartphone this is more relevant than ever. This is the Samsung Galaxy S6 versus the iPhone 6. Design Samsung has promised an upgrade in the design language for the brand new Galaxy S…

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