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Sling Orange vs Sling Blue: Which Service is Better?

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If you haven’t already heard about it, Sling TV is an app that allows you to steam live television from your tablet, laptop, or even your phone. This is handy for situations where you want to bring your favorite show with you around the house. If you have cleaning to do for example, you can set your tablet up somewhere in sight and watch your favorite shows while doing your chores.

Sling can be used to record shows, so you never have to worry about missing a program that you love because you’re too busy to watch it. It’s a really convenient app/device to have, and if you like watching TV, you’ll definitely enjoy having it.

Sling used to have only one package, but they’ve recently upped their game by incorporating two new package plans and updating their base plan. Currently, Sling has three different packages on offer: Orange, Blue, and Orange + Blue.

Orange – $20

This is Sling’s most basic package. It includes 30+ live channels, including ESPN, History, CNN, AMC, BBC America, Lifetime, TBS, and TNT. With Orange, you can only stream one channel at a time. Orange includes some channels that blue does not and vice versa.

Sling Orange

Blue – $25

With Blue, you get 40+ live channels. Even though that is considerably more than what Orange offers, you miss out on ESPN and a few other notable networks. With Blue, you can stream or record up to three different channels at a time instead of just one.

Sling Blue

Orange + Blue – $40

This package offers all the benefits of Blue, but also includes the channels that Orange has and Blue doesn’t. It’s a compressive approach to trying out a wireless streaming service for the first time that is recommended if you have multiple devices. For its price, it’s still comparable or cheaper than most television cable plans on the market.

Sling Orange & Blue

Which One Should You Choose?

If Sling Orange has all of the channels you need and you don’t mind streaming with only one device at a time, why not save the extra money? There is a full list of channels offered in each package on Sling’s website. If you live in a house with more than one other person who you know might use it, it’s probably worth it to infest the extra money and get either Blue or Orange + Blue. If you can’t live without ESPN, be sure to get Orange or the combo deal.

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