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Sony XBR65X900E Review

Sony XBR65X900E: A 4K Smart TV with a Lot to Offer

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Each passing year, 4K TV sets, Smart TVs, or televisions that offer the best of both worlds are entering more households. This year alone, more and more newer models have entered the market and the decision to settle on one product becomes more and more complex. While Sony has several different models, all with different screen sizes and specifications, the XBR65X900E, or just X900E, is one of their newest additions. Does it have the ability to satisfy all kinds of customers: gamers, Netflix bingers and the like?

The Specifications

The X900E model we’re looking at here is a 65 inch set that weighs 77 pounds. It has wi-fi functionality, four HDMI ports, possesses full-array LED backlighting, and of course is an Ultra High Definition screen which supports full 4K resolution. Being a Smart TV, it can easily connect to a wireless router and provide access to streaming services such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, or Netflix. It comes with a plastic stand, but is also fully capable of being mounted on a wall.

The Benefits of the UHD Upgrade

Some might say it is still too early to spend the extra cash to make the upgrade from 1080p (2 million pixels) to 4K/UHD (8 million pixels). While many consider the difference in resolution definition to be very noticeable, it ultimately depends on what services you’ll be using. Is it mostly for Netflix? The website has some programs that offer 4K streaming, but the list isn’t entirely exhaustive. Will you mostly be gaming on this TV? You’re going to need either a powerful gaming computer, or a console like the Playstation 4 Pro.

HDR Gaming with PlayStation 4

Many Youtube videos offer resolutions higher than 1080p, including 1440p and 2160p (4K). Someone who watches a lot of content from there could also get the benefits of upgrading. And while satellite programs are slowly starting to release more and more higher resolution programs, the majority of content will still be in 720p or 1080p, as those are still by far the most common resolutions. A TV like the X900E would be best purchased by someone who constantly uses at least a couple of these options.

Picture Quality

In addition to having four times the pixel count of standard 1080p screens, the X900E has multiple features to separate it from the rest of the competition. Full array LED lighting gives it clear picture from any viewing angles, making the contrast between dark and light colors more distinct. In other words, dark scenes will be darker, and bright scenes will be brighter, to provide a more realistic representation of how light looks. In movies or games, details that are literally hiding in the shadows will be more apparent than on other sets.

Sony XBR65X900E ScreenThe HDR, or High Dynamic Range, of the X900E is extremely well done. Many TV sets or monitors fail to constantly adjust to different color displays or lighting scenarios. It can make some situations look fantastic, but others look drabby or blurry. With HDR, the fidelity or the realism of the image is extremely authentic and realistic. Just like how people wear glasses or contact lenses to correct their vision and make their world look more clearly defined, HDR aims to make all lighting situations look as real as possible.

The size of the TV also helps add to the visual fidelity. A 65 inch screen is very large, and would be much too big for lower resolutions. With 900,000 pixels in 720p or 2 million in 1080p, the pixels get enlarged and stretched out the bigger the screen is. Viewing distances need to be taken into account too, since you may not notice the pixelation from a few feet or a couple meters away. But the 8 million pixels 4K provides being paired with a screen exceeding 60 inches is an ideal combo. Whether you’re watching from 3 feet away or 10, the picture quality will still be excellent.

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Extra Components

Quite thin for its screen size and weight

77 pounds makes for a fairly heavy device, and with wall mounting becoming more and more popular, the X900E’s weight makes that the ideal approach. It does come with a plastic stand, but it is centered rather than being placed at both edges, which is a little less practical for a TV with this weight. On the plus side, the X900E is quite thin for its screen size and weight, which makes it easy enough to balance, and has an ideal composition for wall mounting.

The screen also features a refresh rate of 120hz, double the standard. While there are not many devices that can take advantage of a frame rate above 60, it could be a reasonable screen for anyone with a powerful gaming computer. Though you would have to have something that can run 4K and 120fps at the same time, which is a feat as expensive as it is uncommon.

The input lag of the X900E is estimated at around 32-35ms, which is adequate for gaming, though many purists would much prefer it to be 10ms at the most. It’s not the most practical feature for a modern day TV set to have, but it could come in handy for some.

X900E Series / Inputs

Like many 4K TVs, it is still lacking in the audio department. The speakers are fine, but they boast no real audio fidelity that is the sound equivalent of HDR. There’s a standard 3.5mm headphone jack that will probably see as much use as an old CRT lying in someone’s attic. Investing in a sound bar with a digital optical input for high quality speakers would be advised for anyone wishing to go the full mile.

Final Thoughts

If you still think your current 1080p setup looks fine, then by all means put your upgrading dreams on hiatus. But if you feel that your current television has inadequate looking dark shadows or bright colors, or you’re simply not capitalizing on higher resolution streaming or your PS4 Pro, Sony’s X900E is a great addition or replacement to your existing tech lineup. The colors are phenomenal, the size is perfect for 4K resolution, and it could serve as a great investment down the years as more gaming and television streaming services release higher grade content with more consistency. UHD content.

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