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Samsung Galaxy Models

The Evolution of Samsung Galaxy Models

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Samsung Galaxy S models are known as the most popular phones from Samsung. This phone series compete mainly with the iPhone and have different editions like gold version, plus versions, dual sim versions and so on. But what do we know the Samsung Galaxy S most for? Design? Performance? Samsung Galaxy is the most successful android phone and has been even having more sales than the popular Apple iPhone, which makes it the biggest android representative.

The evolution of this phone series is something interesting to look at. How everything changed from the Galaxy S1 version and how advanced the Galaxy S6 now actually is.

Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

I have seen and using for a while all of the Galaxy S models except the S6 one. If you are disappointed from the Galaxy S6 as well you might be interested reading this article about how Galaxy S6 disappointed me and many others.

Let’s take a closer look at the picture above and see what are the main design changes. The design has changed a lot, but from the S4 to the S6 model there is no big significant change. I personally find the design of the Galaxy S2 to be most beautiful from all. When it comes to technical specifications, the S6 is the most advanced one.

All of the models except the Galaxy S6 had a lot of things in common – microSD support, removable battery, best smartphone camera when released and plastic surface. This has changed in the Galaxy S6 – no microSD, removable battery, but the expected metal surface is there and I am sure a lot of people love it as the device is unofficially “over buyed” says Samsung.


The evolution of this brand can be only compared to the iPhone’s one and maybe the Nexus devices, but still is unique by itself. Have you seen another smartphone develop so much from it’s first version and still remain successful? Yes, the iPhone, but with Android, the Galaxy S serie is the only one. Samsung has also the Galaxy Note series which is also successful, but the category there is much different – the powerful phablets.

From a dual-core 1Ghz cpu, the Galaxy S model has developed to a device with two dual-core processors making it one of the fastest devices. Oh I forgot to mention, the Galaxy S models were also known as the fastest Android phones also (when released). The display of the first Galaxy S was 480p, now it is Quad HD and this is a remarkable change. We all must admit though, that the Galaxy S smartphone was not that thin, but was also much stronger than the S4/S5 or S6 version. Obviously Samsung has made huge upgrades, though it had its costs.

Is the Galaxy S model failing?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this question and my final answer is – no. The new Galaxy S6 has disappointed us, but when the previous 5 models were successful, I will be still waiting for the S7 version (if any). The same has happened to iPhone lots of times – disappointments and then surprises, so let’s do not forget how successful Samsung Galaxy S phone has been.

The success of the Galaxy S3

Together with the Galaxy S2, the Galaxy S3 made Samsung the #1 smartphone manufacturer. Millions and millions of sales is what those both models have brought to Samsung. The TouchWiz software was still kinda stable at this time, as well the phones stronger and for some people more beautiful. So guys, I suggest that we start praying for the S7 model and expect miracles.



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