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The new MacBook – First impressions

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This is the new MacBook. Not MacBook Pro not MacBook air, just the new MacBook and it is insanely thin. Literally too thin to have normal batteries, too thin for any ports, too thin for a normal trackpad, even too thin for a back lit for the apple logo. I took a closer look at this traditionally new laptop and down here I will write my impression.


This is the thinnest and lightest laptop I’ve ever seen. Its weight is 907 grams which is actually 400 grams lighter than the MacBook Air 13 inch. It’s just 13 mm thin at it thickest point, which is ridiculous. You pick it up and it’s kind of hard to believe there’s an entire machine in there. You can’t go this thin in a laptop. That is making some sacrifices and Apple has kind of kind to turn the sacrifices into features at least for some of them.

MacBook Design

Too thin for … not too thin for …

So first of all, as I said, it’s too thin for a normal rectangular battery cells, so they use contrary battery cells to fill out the space that make sense.

Next it’s too thin for the back lit Apple logo that you see in the rest Apple’s laptops, so you get a reflective one with no back light. This MacBook is also too thin for any sort of depth in the keyboard, so Apple keyboards, I mean, they didn’t really have much travel to begin with, but this new Mac keyboard has a new double sided key switch called butterfly switch, which are supposed to help with the typing experience and make keystroke fill even when pressing on edge the keys.

This MacBook is also too thin for ports. It has only one single USB-C port on one side and an audio jack on the other. So through this USB-C port you do both power and all your data so if you are charging your MacBook and you want to both at the same time you’ll have to use some sort of an adapter in fact you probably need multiple adapters. There’s no way around this one, this is the biggest inconvenience on this MacBook and if you ever need a plugin such as a mouse or a flash card reader, connect to a display it turns this elegant machine looking like an octopus with adapters for arms.

And the other thing this laptop is too thin for is a normal moving trackpad, so there’s literally not enough room to have a trackpad that I can mechanically click. So Apple has a large glass surface where the trackpad normally is, and they underneath it. They have vibration motor kind of the one you have on your mobile phone and it is a pressure sensitive surface so when you press a bit harder on it, it clicks. It feels exactly like a mechanical click from a normal MacBook trackpad. With this pressure sensitivity you also get something called forced touch. So it’s sort of like a third click action, like regular clicks than right clicks and then forced touch. So forced touch is more sort of like more info button. You press down hard on like piece of text to expanding at a dictionary definition or you can force touch on an address to get an Apple maps listing and etc. So you get the idea. You also use this to fast-forward through video in QuickTime, so the harder you press, the faster you scrub. I am pretty impressed how this trackpad works.

The thing this laptop is not too thin for are the pixels. Apple packed a high-resolution display in this MacBook and it looks really good. So good in fact that this laptop thought it was a touch screen for some reason. Have to say it is a Retina display and it comes in at 2304 by 1440 pixels on a 12 inch panel. It looks really sharp, really bright, very vivid, colors were fantastic and viewing angles are great. It’s an awesome display and even need to spend more time with it.

MacBook USB


So all to all clearly this is Apple sexiest laptop ever, no doubt bur mostly because how thin and light and portable it is. In fact reminds me that whole Ultrabook category. It’s rocking Intel core and dual core processor. Clearly it is not a powerful machine at all. You don’t expect to edit videos or photos on this thing. Don’t expect any graphic design. It’s really more a glorified tablet connected to a keyboard.

That’s really what the internals are actually a whole ton of battery. Its fanless so there are no moving parts and it’s silent and of course with no upgrade ability and a starting price at around $1,300. So it’s an awesome note-taking machine you know if the keyboard holds up students (like me) will like it. It’s supposed to have an 8 to 10 hour battery life with the typical web browsing and like I said very lightly tasks that is designed to do. So it’s really just for every people looking to kick back and have a super thin laptop to do whatever and I guess that’s Apple’s target. There are plenty of other thing like a complaint about is only a 480 P webcam on the front not even 720 P. And for an approximately $1,600 upgrade price you still get half a terabyte of storage and 8 GB of RAM and it’s still a dual-core.

MacBook Performance

MacBook Performance


People won’t be buying this laptop for the power, they’ll buy it for how pretty it looks and then they’ll deal with all the adapters and sacrifices you made there. So if you think about it keep in mind that this is the 1st generation product so keep the 2nd generation in mind because you know Apple already has.

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