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Top 4 Netbooks for 2015

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My main laptop is in repair, all I got left is my smartphone, an iPad mini and a pink Lenovo netbook, which was only capable of watching movies (even facebook and skype were laggy). That’s why I did a short research to see how is the market going on this year when it comes to netbooks and decided to present you the top 4 netbooks in 2015 for me.

First I would like to give my opinion about how netbooks are useful and what their pros and cons are. Starting with the first main thing – mobility. Yes nowadays we have devices like the Surface Pro 3, which is really thin and powerful, but the netbooks are not going to be fully replaced this year.

During my use of my pink lenovo, that is 10.9″ big, I realised it was much much easier to take it with me in any room. I got an 14″ gaming laptop thinner than a coin, but still it could not beat the small Lenovo netbook.

Second thing is the price, a big factor for a lot of us. Netbooks are getting cheaper day by day, everyone who knows that he needs windows on a device with great mobility, he needs a netbook.

Not that long time ago the main problem of the netbooks was the performance, most of them were carrying slow intel atom or even slower amd dual core cpus, but now in the era where we have phones with up to 16 cores, the performance is not a big problem anymore. Of course this does not mean you can run the latest CAD software or connect 4 more monitors to your netbook. But let’s take a look at the list I have prepared:

Medion Akoya Touch-Netbook

For it’s price I would say this is one of the best netbooks I’ve ever used, because it had touch screen, AMD cpu and SSHD. With it’s small 10” size, this portable device could be really useful for people who need windows daily and want to care it with them.

Medion Akoya Touch-Netbook 

Acer TravelMate 11.6”

Acer is one of the first companies that started producing netbooks, one of the devices that we all remember is the Acer Eee PC. They create a more advanced netbook, a little bit bigger, but with a quad-core CPU, which gives enough performance for such a small device.

BUY Acer TravelMate 11.6

Acer TravelMate 11.6”

Lenovo IdeaPad S205

As I already mentioned, my laptop is in repair and I got to use this pinky small netbook. Though it has no SSHD/SSD or quad-core cpu, this small netbook is alive for already 3rd year and still the battery last 3 full hours, the AMD does really great job and Windows was never re-installed. Of course I didn’t use this device all the time, it is just for emergency cases, but for me it is a really good choice for a netbook.

Lenovo IdeaPad S205

HP Pavillion Touchsmart 11

As the name already says, this 11” netbook with touchscreen display and Windows 8 is a really good partner in the small daily tasks. It has a Radeon GPU and AMD A4 CPU, which are not the most powerful ones, but still do the job. The display is with the resolution of 1366×768 which is quite good for a small netbook, but for its price, I would put this HP in my top 4 for netbooks.

BUY HP Pavillion Touchsmart 11

HP Pavillion Touchsmart 11

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