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New Toshiba Dynabook

Toshiba’s New Dynabook Prototype Could Give the iPad Pro a Run for its Money

At the IFA 2015, Toshiba gave us a peek at a beautiful new prototype in the works which has yet to have an official name. The prototype, simply referred to as “the Dynabook,” is incredibly thin and sleek. It comes in two forms, a hybrid with a detachable keyboard, or a tablet. It’ll run Windows 10 and include TruNote, TruRecorder and TruCapture. The prototype is meant to be the digital form of a pen and paper for “quickly and effectively capturing information,” says Toshiba. Nifty indeed.

Toshiba Dynabook StylusThough details are still sketchy, here’s what else has been confirmed so far. The Dynabook will harbor an Intel Atom processor (most likely either the x5-Z8500 or the 8700), and feature a 12-inch display with a resolution of 1920 x 1200. It will utilize a digitizing stylus, which attaches to the side of the tablet, and will also include a touchpad. The Dynabook also comes with front and rear cameras, an audio connector, a micro SD card slot, and a mini-HDMI one port.

The Dynabook looks somewhat similar to some products already on the market, such as 2012 Archos 101 XS or one of Microsoft’s Surface models, but there is at least one notable difference between them and the Dynabook. The Dynabook’s detachable keyboard attaches to the tablet magnetically. That prevents the user from turning the tablet vertically and still using the keyboard—a strange move considering that the positioning of the cameras and Toshiba logo suggest that the tablet is meant to be operated vertically in the first place. Let’s keep in mind though that the new Dynabook is still just a prototype, and there may be some kinks for Toshiba to work out before it hits the streets.

Apple’s iPad Pro could have some hefty competition when Toshiba drops their attractive new Dynabook. The price and release date are still unknown, but this ultra thin machine could be out in time for the holiday season.

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