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Vizio's D-Series 43n-E1

Vizio D43n-e1: A 1080p Screen with Value

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Periodically upgrading one’s screen, be it a computer monitor or a TV set, is an inevitable duty for most of us. After the more essential luxuries of a better home or a better car are attained, we often set out to acquire a better electronics den, and the TV screen is the center piece of the room. With so much information about 4K and Smart TVs buzzing around these days, we sometimes forget that many people still just want a large, affordable and reliable screen that offers the basics in 1080p resolution.

Vizio’s D-Series 43n-E1 is meant to offer a basic option for customers who don’t need the most cutting edge TV set. While the brand offers many UHD sets with various other features. The D43n is a bare bones television that promises to deliver only where it counts, but we’ll see how much it delivers on that promise.


  • The D43n features a 42.5 inch screen. This is a large size, and is recommended to be used at viewing distances of at least a few feet. Some might say that this is too small and 50+ inches is the standard, but there’s a sweet spot to be considered with around 40 inches. Again, this screen is only 1080p, which means it has roughly 2 million pixels. Generally speaking, the more pixels, the better. However, the bigger the screen, the bigger the pixels, and nobody wants pixelated images.


  • To put it simply, 1080p will start to look too blurry on larger screens, and sizes as large as 50 inches should be saved for the 4K screens (8 million pixels).
  • The picture quality of the D43n is very impressive for its price range and for being an LCD TV. The technology referred to as “full array LED lighting” means that the screen produces its light from behind the glass in a uniformed manner, making the image look vibrant and crystal clear from any viewing angle.
  • The D43n also has 2 HDMI ports, which is the standard amount these days, and is 60hz, so it will be a good fit for modern day video game consoles that have standard frame rates. It is wall-mountable, and only weighs around 25 pounds, which is light for a screen size of roughly 43 inches.
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  • The D43n was deliberately designed to be a more minimalist option, in comparison to 4K resolution Smart TVs. What it aims to do, it does well, but anyone looking for a more complete package will be disappointed by this option.
  • This set offers no wi-fi capabilities, so it cannot be controlled with a smartphone to access sites like Youtube, for example. The biggest flaw for most people, however, would be the lack of Netflix or Hulu functionality. This set works perfectly fine if you only care about connectivity to a Playstation, a cable or satellite service, or to a DVD or Blu Ray player. But without wireless functionality, the only way to display streaming services on this TV would be to connect a laptop or PC via one of the HDMI ports, which is quickly becoming an outdated method.
  • The sound quality for the D43n is also nothing special, but nothing inadequate either. Audiophiles would benefit from plugging in external speakers or surround sound systems to the TV, but that of course increases the amount of money to spend. It’s also annoying that all of the input ports are on the backside of the TV, rather than being placed on one of the sides. It can become frustrating having to reach all the way to the back of the device to plug or unplug anything due to this hard to access design. If you have a lot of wires to deal with, you will want to keep this in mind.
VIZIO D-Series 43”
Input Ports

Who should buy this TV?

Anyone who doesn’t want to spend over $1000 on a television should definitely consider getting Vizio’s D43n. While it doesn’t have many features, what it does do for the most part is quite impressive. It’s one of the best 1080p screens in its price range and size, and will satisfy anyone who doesn’t need 4K or the perks of wi-fi compatibility. The D43n won’t impress everyone, but it will certainly please the specific audience it’s aiming for.

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