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YotaPhone 2

YotaPhone 2 – Russian Power

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Today I decided to make a review of the smartphone YotaPhone 2 manufactured by the russian company Yota. First when I heard about this phone I wasn’t expecting much – cheap materials, slow performance and average smartphone design. The YotaPhone 2 brings some innovation though – a second always-on display, something a few phones (not smartphones) used to have before 5-10 years. Now the concept has changed and YotaPhone is bringing this featured to the smartphone market.

From my personal perspective, the design is not that good, especially because the corners of the device are way too round for me, I understand they tried to be a little bit more different, but with no success. The YotaPhone 2 brings also some good technical specifications, let’s have a closer look at them:


The CPU is the Snapdragon 800 which has 4 cores, each working at 2.2Ghz frequency. Not that bad! But I would expect something better, bearing in mind that the phone is not cheap at all if comparing to the others with similar hardware.

In combination with 2GB RAM, this phone shows some quite good performance – as expected.


The GPU is Adreno 330, nothing special, good enough to run most of the apps on Android.


As already mentioned, the RAM is 2GB, but the internal memory is 32GB. 32GB may not be enough, as there is no microSD support, which is bad… really bad.


Oh, this is a big disadvantage here, 8mpx back camera with LED flashlight and 2mpx front one. I think that they could at least afford a 12/16mpx one.


The display is a 5” AMOLED one having the Full HD resolution and the second one is 4.7” Electronic Paper Display with resolution 960×540 pixels. The displays are obviously an advantage of the device, but not a reason to put in this price class.


The YotaPhone 2 is an interesting device, it’s worth it trying the second display, but for the price of the phone, I would not recommend it. The smartphone is highly overpriced, mainly because of the reason that it has a second display. I recommend testing the phone first and seeing if it fits your daily needs, because for this price you could get a much better Android smartphone.


YotaPhone 2 Design

YotaPhone 2 on hand

YotaPhone 2 Display


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