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Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair – Comfortable but Inexpensive

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Most gaming chairs are anything but budget friendly—we’re talking like $200-$300 for a really good one. But there are some pretty impressive options that fall well below that range. Devoko’s ergonomic gaming chair is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for a value buy. Let’s take a closer look at it and what it offers for the price.

Pros – What the Devoko Chair Does Right

The first thing we should talk about right off the bat is the looks. The Devoko gaming chair goes for a typical style which is known as the racing chair. The patterns and diagonal shapes are directly inspired by racing car seats like the ones used in NASCAR vehicles. It’s a common kind of look for this type of product but it gets the job done and fits well in pretty much any home office or computer room.

Obviously the price is a big plus and is arguably the best thing about this chair. The Devoko gaming chair costs around $100. It isn’t the cheapest model on the market but it’s still far less expensive than many other brands that are similar to DXRacer.

The assembly of the chair is simple and doesn’t take more than 20 minutes. Some high end chairs come with extra bells and whistles that complicate the procedure, but no such extra steps are necessary here.

The super recline feature is a treat considering how much more versatile it makes this chair. You can recline back to a near flat position which makes it great for napping or simply relaxing with a book or some music. The swivel feature is pretty smooth and can spin in 360 degrees with no problem even if you’re heavyset.

We have to note how impressed we were by both the size and the load capacity of the Devoko chair. Usually one would have to pay extra for a larger model but this chair is a pretty hefty size. It weighs about 44 pounds but luckily it still glides across various surfaces with little resistance. It might actually be too big for people shorter than 5’5 or so. The weight limit is around 300-330 pounds which is great for a heavyset person who doesn’t want to spend $300-330 dollars on a compatible chair.

Despite the weight limit, this chair is comfortable for other sizes too whether you’re 200 pounds or 100. That’s why people go after ergonomic chairs after all: superior comfort.

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair ModeThe actual sitting experience of the Devoko gaming chair is great, especially if this is your first ever ergonomic chair. It doesn’t have the most ideal back but it is leagues beyond your average chair or couch spine. You can sit in this thing for hours at a time and feel little fatigue.

The actual fabric of the chair seems to be some kind of faux-leather, which makes sense given the price range. It’s still very easy on the skin and appears to be reasonably durable and spill resistant. It isn’t some high end memory foam that molds to the shape of your body perfectly but it certainly gets the job done.

One of the best things about the Devoko gaming chair is the free pillows that come included. Many top brands don’t even include these. Devoko includes one headrest pillow and one for lumbar support. They’re not sewn into the chair so they can be removed and reequipped at any time. They’re a little bit too firm, but they’re still much better than nothing.

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Cons – What We Wish Devoko Would Have Done Differently

For one thing, this chair only comes in two colors: red and white, each with a black backdrop. This is pretty typical of cheaper gaming chairs. Many big name brands will offer dozens of colors and designs and patterns. But the budget companies tend to only have a small selection that rarely exceeds four or five options. It can’t be that hard to give us orange, emerald or what have you. It would really make these cheaper models all the more enticing.

The wheels aren’t the best quality. They’re okay but they can get a little squeaky on wooden floors and don’t feel as durable as the rest of the plastic materials.

The fabric of the chair itself is soft but it takes several hours of use for it to wear in. It might feel a little too firm at first but luckily this is temporary and it goes away after a couple of days.

The lumbar pillow is quite big and may be too large for most body types. It would have been nice had Devoko offered different sizes to better accommodate a larger portion of their market.

The armrests don’t really have any adjustable settings to them and they’re not the comfiest ones out there either.

Is the Devoko Gaming Chair worth the price?

You won’t be getting the fanciest chair in the world for only $100. But if you just want something that’s a step up from your run of the mill office chair than the Devoko ergonomic gaming chair will easily satisfy you.

If you’re on a tight budget or if you’re buying your first ever ergonomic chair then this is a great purchase. It probably wouldn’t be an upgrade if you already own a chair in a higher price range though.

With solid build quality that will last you years and a comfortable sitting experience you’d be hard pressed to find a better chair in this price range. It has more than enough features to keep the average Joe pleased with their purchase. This is definitely one of the best budget gaming chairs on the market and we highly recommend it.

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