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DxO One Camera

DxO One: World’s Smallest 1-inch Sensor Camera

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DxO’s new camera attachment for the iPhone or iPad, the DxO One, boasts DSLR-quality images in a super compact, easily pocketable add on. The tiny 2.65” tall cam has a sleek aluminum body, and weighs only 108 grams, but packs a 1.8/f lens with a 1-inch CMOS BSI sensor capable of capturing 20.2 megapixel images.

DxO One
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The One comes with a special setting they call SuperRAW Plus that captures high-quality images in very low lighting conditions. The SuperRAW Plus functionality is particularly handy for recording those sudden, special night shots, like when a bear attacks your campsite in the middle of the night. The SuperRAW setting operates much the same HDR does on your smart phone or point-and-shoot camera. It takes four RAW images, and blends them together to get the best all around exposure.

“It’s possible to shoot crystal-clear images under moonlight, which is incredible for a camera this small. The shallow depth of field and bokeh of the lens at f/1.8 is absolutely perfect for portrait photography,” says Jerome Menire, DxO’s founder and CEO.

When hooked up, the iPhone or iPad can rotate 60 degrees in either direction. It’s capable of full 1080p video capture at 30 fps, or 720p at 120 fps. A neat bonus is that the iPhone can act as a camera stand allowing you set it down and to get in the shot.

All settings on the camera can be controlled manually on the iPhone through the accompanying iOS app. For a limited time, DxO is also offering two bonus apps with the purchase of the One, DxO FilmPack, a $129 value, and DxO OpticsPro, a $199 value. If you’re at all into using photo editing software to enhance your captures, this is a very nice addition to the package.

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The aperture on the One can be adjusted from f/1.8 to f/11. Shutter speed ranges from 15s to 1/8000s, and ISO from 100 to 51200. Preset capture modes include aperture priority, speed, and a pretty good selection of scene modes. The One comes with a built-in micro SD card slot, and has its own lithium ion battery, meaning you won’t need to drain away all the juice or clog up all your storage space in your iPhone by having the One be dependent on it.

DxO has designed the One to fully integrate with your phone so you can flex on Instagram without any transferring or uploading from your device to your phone. You can also set the One to automatically upload images to your iCloud upon capture, that way your files will be instantly backed up.

So just how convenient is DxO’s new iPhone attachment? Well, it may be very compact and capable of high-quality images, but how fast you can get it attached, switched on, and ready to go? The answer is just a few seconds, as when the DxO One is plugged into the lightning jack on your iPhone, the DxO One app begins running automatically and will be all set to capture those Kodak (DxO rather) moments before they slip away. Better yet, the DxO can snap pictures without being attached to your iPhone at all, though without a viewing screen, kind of like a GoPro but NOT waterproof. Do not bring the One on your jetski.

Though the DxO One may pack a big punch in a tight bundle, it’s by no means a replacement for a DSLR camera. It’s meant to bridge the gap between a smart phone camera, and a DSLR, but not really be a replacement for either one necessarily. “…in between the two [smart phone and DSLR], there’s a need for something that offers very high quality and is incredibly compact,” commented Kirk Paulsen, Senior Vice President for Marketing at DxO. The One fills that void.

The DxO one can currently be preordered from DxO’s website (www.dxo.com) and is expected begin shipping later this month.

The One is not so cheap, but for convenience and quality in such a small, pocket-sized device, the DxO One looks like a pretty nifty gadget indeed.

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