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Casio G-Shock GWG-1000

G-Shock GWG-1000 Mudmaster Review

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If you’re already a fan of Casio and especially of their G-Shock series, then chances are you probably already want this watch. It’s arguably Casio’s best looking G-shock to, and it has a very high quality design that you would assuredly love to have on your wrist. Its attractiveness and style are not in question here. The real question is: Is the G-Shock GWG-1000 Mudmaster worth its steep price tag?

G-Shock GWG-1000
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Compared to other G-Shock models, the features this watch offers aren’t exactly groundbreaking. They’re the same features that we’ve seen from a number of other G-Shock models. The G-Shock GWG-1000 actually lacks a few features that other G-Shocks with significantly lighter price tags have, like sunrise, sunset and moon info. What you’re really paying over $560 dollars for, rather than almost half that price, is the large, stylish design of the watch.

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The dial window is sapphire crystal that you couldn’t scratch even if you wanted to. It runs on solar power, so it never needs to be charged manually and the battery never needs to be replaced. It can run for up to six months on a single full charge. You can factor the perks you’re getting from a solar-powered battery into the price of the watch. It has a standard stainless steel back. You have three choices for straps, green, black or a rubberized yellow.

As you might have guessed, the Mudmaster is dust, water and mud resistant. Its durable in very harsh conditions. It’s sealed up with gaskets and high-grade gels to ensure that no worldly substances can get inside it. It’s also highly shock and vibration resistant. If you couldn’t already tell by looking at it, the Mudmaster is built to take a serious beating.

A blue LED light illuminates the screen. The light is rather dull. It’s okay enough to illuminate just some of the watch’s unusually large face. The watch’s face is analog and digital, using glow in the dark clock hands and numbers, and a digital display that reads the date and day of the week by default. The size of the face and the watch in general is quite big, but not too overwhelming. If you have unusually small wrists, it could look a bit goofy, but otherwise you’ll get used to the size if you don’t already love the fact that it’s huge when you first put it on.

G-Shock GWG-1000 MudmasterThe Mudmaster comes with many settings and features as do all G-Shock watches. Its Triple Sensor technology provides a compass using the seconds hand on the face, altitude measurements, atmospheric pressure and even the temperature. That’s right, it comes stocked with a thermometer that reads in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. The dial has the abbreviations of major cities around the world indicated so you can easily switch time zones with the click of a button. The compass and altitude readings have their own dedicated buttons, which come in handy if you enjoying hiking or mountain climbing.

Instead of using GPS for time calibration, the G-Shock GWG-1000 uses Casio’s radio towers, which are based in the US, the UK, Germany, Japan and China. GPS would have been better as the signal from Casio’s towers can’t cover every location in the world.

The Mudmaster is the king of the G-Shock series. It’s the granddaddy of rugged Casio watches, and if you can afford it and you need a heavy duty watch that looks fantastic and will last pretty much forever, then the Mudmaster is an excellent choice. It includes a two-year warranty, but considering its assured durability, you probably won’t need that.

Is it worth the high price though? Considering the fact that it looks amazing, is virtually unbreakable and should run forever without ever having to mess with the battery, and has a slew of useful tools and features; the answer is yes. The Mudmaster is worth the extra dough if you love the way it looks. If you care less about looks and more about functions, then go with a lower priced G-Shock.


  • Can withstand pretty much anything
  • Extremely attractive face and design
  • Solar powered
  • Dedicated compass and altitude buttons


  • No GPS time calibration
  • No sunrise, sunset or moon information
  • LED light is a bit too dim
  • Alarm has no snooze function
  • Price is steep


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