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Neewer TT560 Flash

Neewer TT560 Flash Review

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Neewer TT560 Flash
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Cheap doesn’t always mean poor quality as the Neewer TT560 Flash Speedlight proves. For its price range, it could just be the top dog on the market in terms of overall value for money spent.

The Neewer TT560 Flash Speedlight is designed to use with different types of cameras especially with Canon models,and so it is rightly called the best external flash for Canon cameras. I don’t do too many camera accessory reviews, but the features and specifications of the TT560 drove me to write about it. You can use it with a Speedlight trigger or hot sue and also for having different light effects and having a slave flash.

You need to charge the flash first by putting the switch on and waiting for few moments. The test button provides a great help to you by allowing you to take a test of the flashlight before you start shooting with your favorite DSLR. When the red light flashes, it means that you are ready to take pictures. If the indicator light holds a glint, then it’s time to replace the batteries.

The power output control has eight steps and helps you to adjust the perfect light needed to take a picture with the support of Neewer TT560.

Design Quality

Neewer TT560 FlashMade from durable hard plastic and with a matte black finish, the Neewer TT560 is available for budget price margins. The full range of vertical and horizontal rotating angles make it perfect for shooting in every kind of environment. While not having an LCD screen, it has 8 LED sensors on the back side of the flash with other buttons including power, output control, mode selection, and test flash.

The TT560 is larger and bulkier than Bower SFD728C TTL Autofocus Flash as the Bower Flash has telescoping abilities and the TT560 features stationary height. In summary, the TT560 is more robust and cheaper than the SFD728C.

Features and Specifications

Neewer TT560 FlashThe Neewer TT560 is a flashlight for DSLRs which can be bought at a price of under $40. For that price, you cannot expect that the flash will be loaded with tons of advanced features. It runs on four AA alkaline batteries and has power saving features. It is advisable to invest in powerful rechargeable batteries if you are going to work a lot with the flash.

Check the features and specifications of TT560 Canon Speedlight flash below:

  • It has 0-270 degrees of vertical rotation and 0-90 degrees of horizontal rotation
  • Specially designed for the Canon Digital EOS and Nikon DSLRs
  • It is also compatible with Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, and other DSLR cameras
  • Eight manual settings for full power to 1/128th
  • It has built-in wide angle diffuser and reflection board
  • A perfect power management: in ‘M’ mode it kicks into power saving mode in 30 Minutes and in ‘S’ mode, it takes 60 Minutes, the indicator light flashes while charging
  • If it gets overheated, then it automatically shuts down which prevents the accidental damage; the cooling off period is 10 minutes
  • The listed color temperature is 5600K ± 200K
  • If the charging indicator light turns into red and flickers every 1s, then it means the battery is low
  • It has dimensions of 4×8.7×3.2” and shipping weight of only one pound

What the Neewer TT560 does not have:

  • It doesn’t have any sort of TTL
  • When it is fully charged, you will not get any audible signal from it
  • You will not find any instruction on the manual to use the charging socket as well as the type of device you can plug it in
  • No zooming features
  • You will not find any trigger volume listing in the guide, but there are rumors that it has 3V

As compared to Bower SFD728C, the TT560 does not have an E-TTL mode, which makes you adjust and get the proper flash light manually. For a beginner, setting a correct light output in each cycle for having the right balance light may become too overwhelming. But you will be happy to find some online tutorial with understandable language and graphics which help you to learn the basics.

The feature I like most, actually love about the TT560 is its slave functioning. If you are passionate about photography and building your career in the field, then you will surely go for the high-end flashes gradually. And for those who are not familiar with the term ‘slave flash’, I would like to mention that it is the term defined as a primary (master) flash that triggers automatically to the secondary (slave) flash for a remote fire. It is used commonly when a single flash doesn’t work to get the proper light.

Another helpful thing with TT560 is the tripod attachment it comes with. Most of its competitors in the same price rangedo not come with one. The tripod attachment is the best for using in slave mode. A soft fabric storage bag protects the TT560 when it is not in use.


I have been testing the flash for the past week, and I am greatly impressed with the performance it gave to me, especially with such kind of price tag. It perfectly fit on my EOS as expected and is more stable than the SFD728C. The S1 optical sensor, low battery warning indicator, and PC sync all work fine with it.

For the amateur photographer, the TT560 is quicker and better compared to other flashlights in its category. It has overcome the issue of recycling which is the largest among the other Speedlight flashes. I mounted it on the tripod and tested the slave function. I got the perfect shots time after time as it fired correctly.

The rear LED indicators make it easy to operate the Neewer TT560, which is ideal for DSLR owners who are not familiar with advanced configurations. The highly adjustable design, as mentioned before, didn’t pose any issues while pointing the flash at the place I wanted. The Neewer TT560 Flash has met all of my expectations and more.


For an entry-level photographer, you can’t find a better flash Speedlight than the Neewer TT560. With the relatively low price tag it has and features it offers, it is the top most choice among beginner photographers as well as pros. The controls just couldn’t be easier.

With the large and unwieldy design and robust build quality, the Neewer TT560 provides a solid performance compared to the pricier Bower SFD728C. If you are in need of a Nikon/Canon flash light at an affordable price or an entry-level photographer who want to improve the low-light performance of your DSLR, then I recommend the Neewer TT560 Flash without a doubt. If you have a higher budget and want an E-TTL support and LCD included, you can go for either Neewer TT680 or Neewer NW680 Speedlight flash.

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