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Sparkster: Decentralized Software Creation Without the Technical Knowhow

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Computer programing is an ever-evolving field. There are many languages, protocols, and technical aspects that interact. Although useful, we rarely teach these skills and languages at schools. This makes even the thought of developing a decentralized app a daunting prospect for the average person. As a result, fantastic ideas often go by the way. That’s what Sparkster hopes to change.

Sparkster is a company that intends to give innovative people the ability to create their own decentralized software, even if they know nothing about programming or blockchain architecture. They claim to make building applications very easy, and offer the ability to connect to popular services when the app is complete. In this article, we’ll examine in further detail what Sparkster is, how it works, and how their SPAK token is implemented in their ecosystem.

What is Sparkster?

The Sparkster platform allows people to bring their ideas to reality. That’s the company’s ethos, anyway. They recognize that many people have great ideas for new software, but may be lacking the technical skillset to make them happen. Sparkster allows users of their platform to develop their own innovative software without needing to know any code at all. Their decentralized cloud for smart software enables businesses and individuals to create applications without needing to rely on software agencies or third parties.

The platform gives users the ability to use pre-made blocks in a drag-and-drop format to create their ideal software. Rather than having to learn a complex coding language, each element is described in plain English. This means that entrepreneurs can both define and understand the elements of their own unique software. The code for this is then generated in the backend without the user having to write it.

The UK-based firm has a background in eCommerce and software as a service. In 2014, they began working on the concept of Sparkster, before releasing the platform to a private beta in 2017. The company is currently taking signups for their crowdsale.

Road Map

How Does Sparkster Work?

There are three main components to the platform: 

  • Building Interfaces. The block-based user interface gives users intuitive units of code that they can drag and drop as they require. These interfaces are built in HTML5, meaning that they are compatible across most devices.
  • Logic Blocks. These simple blocks can be snapped together to develop a wide variety of combinations of functionality. This means that users can build applications that are specific to their needs or business niche.
  • Connectivity. Once a user has created their unique user interface, Sparkster allows account holders to integrate their app with other major services. This includes both internal Sparkster apps, and external services. Examples of the latter include APIs, smart contracts, AI, or Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

One of the big selling points of the platform is its scalability. Not only can small enterprises or individuals develop their apps, but larger organizations can too. Part of this scalability comes from the security of the platform. All data transfer is encrypted, regardless of whether it’s external or internal. Furthermore, each data transaction is authenticated too. This scalability and security is inherent to the platform, meaning that businesses of all sizes can make use of it.

Sparkster TECH STACK

What is the SPARK Token?

As Sparkster state in their whitepaper, “the SPARK token provides a vehicle for consumers of Sparkster-authored components to compensate the author for their contribution, and gives authors an incentive to contribute to our Marketplace.” The ERC20-based token is what powers and incentives the platform. It allows for micropayments to be made to the authors of innovative software and applications developed on the site. It will be the only currency that users can transact in. Miners will also be rewarded for their contribution of processing power from smartphones and IoT devices that run Sparkster software.

A token presale is set for June/July 2018. The total supply of SPARK is 435,000,000, with a total circulating supply of 290,000,000. 250,000,000 will be up for grabs during the presale, with 38,000,000 allocated for the crowdsale and 2,000,000 allocated for marketing. Each token will be valued at $0.15, with a soft cap of $5 million and a hard cap of $30 million.

Sparkster Final Thoughts

The mission of Sparkster is certainly an ambitious one. Software programing is hard to master, so the opportunity for people who lack that knowledge to create software still is an appealing prospect. The company is currently beta testing their platform, which is a good sign. However, it remains to be seen how useful it will prove to be. Their goals for their presale are fairly modest compared to some, yet with enough momentum, Sparkster could prove to be a company and platform that brings a whole new level of ingenuity to the market.


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