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The best cheap tablets

The best cheap tablets you can buy in 2015

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Tablets are useful in many cases – while doing business, watching movies on a lightweight device, playing games and so on. I personally have had 2 tablets, but have used much more and am sure tablets are yet irreplaceable, because of their size and mobility. I decided to give my top choices for tablets, when choosing them on a low budget. Don’t get confused, there are also cheap and fast tablets, of course they are not perfect, but you will find something that suits your budget and needs for sure.

The main factor here to consider is the OS of the tablet, meaning that it would be somehow impossible to buy a “cheap iPad”. Apple devices are not cheap, may be you can find a good one 2nd hand, but never 1st. That’s why the tablets I will suggest will be only Android ones. Let’s start:

The old Nexus 7 (2012)

Nexus 7 (2012)

The old and famous Google Nexus 7, a tablet which you can find for a really low price now. Google stopped maintaining it, as well manufacturing it, so shops who haven’t sold it out will lower the prices.

The tablet itself is not that bad, maybe the screen will be too small for you (I personally prefer 10 inches displays), but for the performance and its price, I would say this tablet is totally fine.

Acer Iconia Series

Acer Iconia Models

Acer has been known as a fairly cheap pc manufacturer (as well notebooks), so the same is valid for their tablets. The series of Acer Iconia models are quite good tablets offering good performance for a really low price. Unfortunately, here the screen is not much bigger, mainly it is 7-8”, but on a low budget, you cannot have big screen and good performance (for example 1440p display and octa-core cpu).

Lg G Pad 8

Lg G Pad 8

Surprisingly LG tries to join the tablet market, whether this action is successful or not I cannot tell for now, but what I can tell you is that the G Pad 8.0 from LG is carrying a fast quad-core CPU and is waiting for an Android 5.0 update soon. For the price this tablet comes, I think the reasons to buy this tablet are already there. Oh and the display is IPS as well.

Asus Transformer Pad

Asus Transformer Pad

Maybe this is the tablet you are looking for – dual-core Intel Atom CPU, 10” IPS Display and attached keyboard support. Just a little bit more expensive than the others mentioned above, but obviously worth it. This tablet is also famous for it’s battery life for over 9 hours, but also having the keyboard dock makes the experience better.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0

With a quad-core CPU and 1,5GB RAM, there is also a product for all Samsung fans – the Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 that comes in a price around 150-200 euros. Nothing except the low price makes this tablet more special when compared with the one mentioned above, but it is still Samsung and has TouchWiz, which for some people may be advantage (or disadvantage).


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