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Are you a tech writer who wants to get your name or the name of your blog out? Writing for us is a great way to gain exposure and add to your reputation. We’ve experienced such a high volume of inquiries that we created this page to serve as a reference. Please read through these guidelines and requirements carefully before submitting anything. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Topics we accept

If you’ve read through the articles on our website, then you already have a general idea of what kind of articles we are looking for. We can also accept app related articles and general tech tips. Just to be totally clear, here are what kinds of articles we are looking for.

  • Gadget reviews
  • Product comparisons
  • How to’s related to gadgets in some way
  • Device accessory reviews
  • App reviews
  • Tech tips and advice

If you would like to write about any of the topics above, please fill out our submission form. You may also pitch ideas for other topics, but you should carefully consider whether or not they would be a good fit for our site or not before sending them to us.

If granted permission to contribute, you will need to provide a short bio and a photograph of yourself. If we like your article pitch, we will get it touch with you. If we do not contact you within two weeks after you apply, you may try again later with a new idea. We may make minor changes in order to edit or improve the structure of your article, but we will keep your content intact. When pitching an article idea, be sure to include a couple of samples of your writing so that we can gauge your writing abilities.

Guest posts that include images are more likely to be published. If your article does get published, please share it on social media outlets like Reddit, Stumble Upon, and Twitter. Spread the word and feel free to invite your friends to pitch us their ideas as well.

Guidelines for Submission

  • All content must be 100% original and plagiarism free. Please do not respin someone else’s article either. Fresh writing only.
  • Each article must be a minimum of 1200 words in length and should offer some useful insight to our readers. We want to maintain a reputation for honest, helpful reviews that shed light on a product, various products, or a subject.
  • You will be allowed one self serving link in your bio. Any links used in your content should lead to quality sources; no spam of any kind is allowed. Try to keep your links limited to about five.
  • All outgoing links must be relevant. Any links to unrelated sites will not be accepted. Examples of this are gambling sites, health blogs, sports sites, etc.
  • Break your article down into subheadings. Bullet points should be used when comparing pros and cons. If unsure how to format, use the articles currently published on our site for reference.
  • Once your article is published on our site, you must not publish it anywhere else, not even your own blog.
  • You may submit your article by html file or Microsoft Word doc.
  • Indicate the source of your images when submitting them including the url of the image itself.
  • You may submit any articles or topic ideas through our submission form.

How to increase the likelihood of being published on our site

Follow us on social media and share our articles. If you show support for our site, it will give you priority.

What Kind of Writers We’re Looking for

We’re looking for writers who have the skills and desire to write great articles about technology, gadgets and everything between. Experience writing in the tech niche is a plus. Writers must have excellent English skills with impeccable grammar. All articles must be well researched and accurate. If reviewing a product, it should be something fairly new and relevant, nothing obscure and outdated. Feel free to pitch your idea regardless. We are interested to hear what you can come up with!

We’re looking for people who can make content engaging, informative, and fun to read. If you can do that, we encourage you to apply now!

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