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z5 vs z3+

Sony Xperia Z5 vs Xperia Z3+

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Sony have really positioned themselves in the smart phone race. Each year when a new wave of flagship models comes from each of the top manufacturers in the industry, Sony offers a smart phone that has the specs to compete with any of the rest. They make beautiful phones that are as powerful as they are attractive. But sometimes they put out products that are pretty much the same with a different name and very minor changes. That is definitely the case with the Z5 and the Z3+.

Sony Xperia Z3+
Sony Xperia Z3+
Sony Xperia Z5
Sony Xperia Z5


Sony has recently released the Z5, their new headpiece. But is it really better than the Z3+ they released over the summer? Well, the short answer is: no. The two phones are pretty much the same. They’re so similar that if it weren’t for a few design tweaks, you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart.

First of all, the Z5 has a matte finish while the Z3+ has a glossy finish. The edges of the phones are a bit different as well. The Z5’s power button doubles as a fingerprint scanner and has a different shape than that of the Z3. The Z3+ lacks this function. The Z5 comes in white, graphite black, gold and green while the Z3+ comes in white, black, copper and aqua green. To the naked eye, that’s pretty much it as far as physical features go.

They share the same processing power with two quad-cores clocking in at 2 GHz and 1.5 GHz a piece and an Adreno 430 GPU. The 5.2” screens are identical, having 428ppi and 1080p resolution. There is a Premium version of Z5 that has a UHD screen, but it’ll cost you around $180 more for a total of roughly $500.

Both phones have a sleek metal body. The Z5 is slightly heavier at 154g vs the 144g of the Z3+. The Z5 is also a tad bit thicker at 7.3mm vs the 6.9mm Z3+. Nevertheless, they’re both slim and fairly light.

The Z3+ has an excellent 20.7mp camera, but Sony bumped the megapixel count up to 23 for the Z5. Their front facing cameras are the same though at 5.1mp. The significance of the marginal increase in megapixels on the Z5’s rear camera is questionable. Both take amazing pictures, have lightning fast autofocus and can record 4K video. Be mindful of how much storage space you have though, as one short 4K video requires a hefty chunk of space. That’s where the Z5 has another minor advantage. The Z5 supports microSD expansion up to 200GB, while the Z3+ supports just 128GB microSDs. They both come equipped with 32GB of built-in storage and 3GB of RAM.

The Xperia Z5 comes with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, while the Z3+ comes with 5.0, but they both have planned upgrades to Marshmallow. The Z3+ features just slightly more battery power with 2930mAh than the Z5’s 2900mAh. Both feature wireless charging capabilities. They’re also both waterproof and include the same watertight flaps and plugs.

In short, the Z5 includes a fingerprint sensor, a larger capacity for micoSD cards, matte finish instead of glossy and comes in different colors than the Z3+. The Z5 sells for around $500 while the Z3+ goes for roughly $320. That price jump doesn’t offer very much aside from the fact that the Z5 has just been released. Unless you really want a fingerprint sensor, save the extra dough and go for the Z3+.

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